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Triumph Claims Record Profits

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As long as they continue to develope new models as cool as the speed3 I don't think there going anywhere. I'd love to see a smaller dispacement Tiger with just a little bit more off-road ability.

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Am I insane or didn't we read like three days ago that they were posting red ink to the tune of a million bucks?
Please read the story before posting.
What I don't want to see Triumph do is sell their bikes at premium prices. If their prices stay on par with the big four mabye they will sell a lot more bikes. For example, I'm the kind of buyer who would prefer the relaxed ergo's of a Daytona 955i or 650 over the full on race ergo's of the big four repli racers. I'm not concerned over the 10 - 15% (just numbers I pulled out of my arse, don't know what the actual difference is in performance of a Daytona 650 compared to an R6) less performance you get from the Triumph and that I'd be paying the same amout as say for an R1 or R6. I won't be willing to pay $1000 or $2000 more though. Again, not because of the performance (they have plenty for me and for the majority of street riders) but I just simply don't want to pay more when the competition sells for less (that being said I don't know if the economies of scale allow Triumph to price their bikes on par with the Japanese manufacturers).

Harley, BMW, and Ducati already do that and successfully so. But, maybe Triumph would do good to continue it's unique approach to making and selling motorcycles by being the little manufacturer who makes bikes unique to the competition but prices them the same as the competition.
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Never.. Never.. Never trust what a corporation says about itself.

It's like takin' Kpaul's word for something involving a motorcyle.
Hmmmm,....I didn't see anything stating that the Rocket III was dragging down sales. I wonder where the people posting comments about the "Red Ink" article got their info on what a complete sales dog it was.
EBITA profits

Earnings BEFORE interest, tax, amortization....

uh huh, that's kinda like all the spending money I have BEFORE I pay my bills.

No matter... it's at least obvious that Triumph is still gonna be around and nobody should be worried on that account if they're looking at buying a new bike
FWIW, I took a test ride on a Speed 4 last year and it is an insanely great bike. And an incredible deal as well--cheaper than the Honda 599, not too far off from the FZ600 and SVS650... except with better suspension, performace, build quality, character. Too bad about those butt-ugly schnorkels. Now if those rumors of the smaller displacement 3 cyl replacement are true, I think they'll do just fine...

I had heard that when the Rocket III was released, they had just about sold out the original planned production numbers. Now, from time of order to delivery, some of those always fall through. And I have two dealers close by and neither one has any in stock (of course, I'm not sure what that means either).

I think the question might be whether they can sell enough to cover development/infrastructure/production costs and make a profit. Of course, this is also ignoring the possiblity of a big tourer based on the R3 platform, which, rumor has it, is in the works.

Then again, the R3 is an image leader product, so breaking even on the thing may be the most Triumph ever hoped for anyway.
Re: Riiiight.

Good advice.... for different reasons of course. i.e. I don't lie, misrepresent, exagerate anything oops ok lets just leave it alone as Good advice mile eater</a>

To my suprise when I took accounting in business school (MBA), I learned that a company has several sets of books one for internal operations (cost accounting) , SEC finacial reports and one for the IRS. Some companies have another set for state corporate income tax.. I also learned its more of an art form than a science goverend by the formula assets-liabilites=owners equity ( the balance sheet). Especially when it comes to the Income Statement....examples include methods used for depreciation, Good Willl, etc.
I bought the green one in 2002 when they were expensive. It is a great bike. The snorkel covers can be removed. What you can do is roll some insulation foam around the inner black snorkel tube and stuff it into the frame hole. The insulation holds the snorkel in place nicely. I also cut the nub off the front of the snorkel and taped the hole. It's not too bad looking - better than I describe. I also fabricated footpeg perches to lower the pegs about 1.5 inches, which are more comfortable. My right foot rests on the pipe, but I'll insulate it. You can do these kinds of dodges with this machine without it looking out of character.

I don't know that this 680 triple is, but here is what I would hope they build.

Wet weight - 420lbs (absolutely no more than that!)

Chassis like the Speed 4 (single-sided swingarm please).

50 ft/lbs of torque, 90 hp, 70mph at 4600rpm, No vibration!

Priced at less than $8000.
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Before the Holidays I checked in on our Sacramento dealer and he said he had 8 Rocket III's, the first one a black one. Seven of them sold, but he still had the black one on his floor.

So, I guess they sell well except for the black ones?

Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization...

The depreciation part's important, especially when financing (i.e. leasing) equipment for the new facility after that huge fire. The recapitalization of that factory has a huge impact on EBITDA numbers...
Maybe so. A guy around the corner from me has a red one. And the only other two I've seen on the road were red, too.

I smell a discount...
Re: Riiiight.

In other words...Nobody knows nothin about nothin (And, it's obvious that some know less about diction).

Sure glad I never took accounting. If I had to deal with insanity, in black & white, I know, I lose IT.
That sounds ideal.

Do you use your Speed Four for the streets mainly (i.e. any track days on it?)? I'm thinking of picking up an '03 new and can probably get it for...well you know the discounts they are offering. It's the tangerine color. I'd like black but that can't be found, only the mini oranges.

Sounds like you like it. How is it on the streets? How's the clutch okay, dose it have enough torque (we always want more so enough is relative). Can you do wheelies without popping the clutch:)?

I think the styling kicks butt and I like the snorkels! Everyone on seems to love their Speed Fours.
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Wait! Let me adjust this thing first...testing...1 2 3

I smell a conspiracy. Somebody in the Big 4 heard that, maybe, possibly, could be that Triumph might, or might not, bring out a 680 Triple (panic in the streets of Japan, bedlam, pandemonium, "Rook! Izz Gozziirrra," yadda, yadda, yadda). So, they planted the story to sabotage Triumph.

God, don’t you people know anything?

All I can say is, you guys better start listening to you cats. Because, when the mustard runs-out, and there’s nothing to eat but hot dogs, you’re all gonna be sorry.
Thanks a Hellava lot...

If Triumph brings out the bike you describe, everybone will be happy, but me.

After 5 bikes in 2 years, I set a three-year moratorium on bike purchases, of which there’re thirty months left.

My only hope is, the nearest Triumph dealer is 65 miles away.

However, it will probably take a large jolt of Thorazine, and maybe a straight jacket, to stop me (see headline for Tag).
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