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Re: Triumph Daytona 675 = excellent design

"the Daytona is an amazing piece of engineering that put Triumph at the head of the pack in the 600 class. You can't possibly argue against that statement, ....."

I can argue against that statement. I don't think it put them at the head of the 600 class, but it certainly put them ahead of the 675 class, because there is only one contender in that class. Triumph got smart and didn't challenge the Japanese where they live. They just created a niche bike that works very well and stayed away from direct competition this time. This bike can't race against 600's because it isn't one. Their last attempt at that was a dismal failure because they have neither the money nor the engineering prowess to challenge the Japanese head to head in the 600 class. I'm sure the 675 is a fantastic bike, but it certainly isn't a 600. It's a smart cheater bike designed to steal some of the sales away from those 600's, but it is in a class of it's own.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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