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That's nice, wreck a beautifully designed and performing motorcycle for a slug with a top speed less then most Harleys and at 3 times the cost. Oh yeah people will line up for these.

Oh wait, maybe the Harley riders since they spend an enormous amount of cash on low performance motorcycles.
I don't know Dave, that bait you're using seems pretty old. Not many hard core HD guys on this bored. Most HD owners on MO also own a 'Busa, or a standard, or a Duc, or something other than an HD as their second third or fourth bike.

And I don't think it's a big discovery to learn that HDs (and any cruiser, really) aren't sportbikes, and they can be pricey. It's kind of been covered a few thousand times.

If you're looking for some good fishing try switching bait to Global Warming or Democrats vs. Republicans.

Also, the Helmet Law topic has been beaten to death around here, too.
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