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If you're looking for some good fishing try switching bait to Global Warming or Democrats vs. Republicans.
Better yet, if you truly thrive on conflict; type something not Politically Correct - that'll get the behind-the-scenes flamewar goin', and getcha called "Racist Bigot" faster'n anything else (amidst cries of "how come every Bigot claims 'Not Pee-Cee'...blah, blah, blah.....).

We don't Tolerate Intolerance 'round here. Or even making-fun of Intolerance........... (that would be Intolerable!)

It's all part of the Zero-Tolerance Policy. :cool:

(I should know, as I'm Public-Arsehole #1 on certain "Bigot Lists" around here, regardless of my actual beliefs and actions)
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