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Triumph Ends Speculation And Unveils A Naked 675.

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Re: Triumph Launches the Street Triple.


I'll take two please.
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Re: Triumph Launches the Street Triple.


I test rode a tasty white '07 Tiger two weeks ago. Decided no due to small pillion. But the fund has already begun for the #2 bike. Amazing motor!

If the 675 is half as cool as the big triple, well lets just say Triumph deserves a LOT more sales than they currently have.
Re: Triumph Launches the Street Triple.

Triumph sure seems to be on a roll here of late. I've seen several keepers in the press and a couple in person I really like. They seem more "edgy" than the Japanese bikes. I really like the bugeye headlights. Even the color on this one is cool.
Re: Triumph Launches the Street Triple.

I'm bummed it looks like they've downgraded the brakes. It seems the radial mount calipers of the 675 have been replaced with the older style; I would have thought they'd retain the 675's forks, brakes, axle, etc. as-is.
Re: Triumph Launches the Street Triple.

Dang. Why am I so critical today? I love Triumphs and adore the 675 but I just feel they got a couple things wrong here. No. 2 is the exhaust can. Are they trying to copy the new BMW singles with the fat can on the side thing? Here's to hoping it can be swapped for a single, underseat, shotgun can, like the Two-Brothers unit available for the 675.
Re: Triumph Launches the Street Triple.

I still don't care for the headlights, wind deflector, or exhaust can. Aside from that, it should be a cool bike. It'll come down to the numbers, I reckon: weight, hp, lb/ft, and even mpg's. Could be really a rip, if they did it right. Having just bought a Tiger 1050 almost three weeks ago, I'm expecting good things.
Re: Triumph Launches the Street Triple.

kpaul, the GMP, predicts and then it happens. As many of you remember kpaul predicted this bike months ago..

I guess my post/article about Aprillia fielding a V-4 in World Superbike didn't make it past the longride filter Read More

kpaul predicts and then it happens..
Re: Triumph Launches the Street Triple.

Picky picky picky.
A Kudos to the man who finds me a pair o those headlights for cheap, and do not say aztec8...
Re: Triumph Launches the Street Triple.

id say its more to meet the euro 3 regulations ..there is probably a catalytic converter hiding in there ..there is for sure in the bmw..however i am sure there will be a *race * only can from them too
Re: Triumph Launches the Street Triple.

Kermit the frog returns !

Cool, I'll take a couple of them too. Triumph is really hitting the mark with cool designs these days.
Does it come in Miss Piggy Pink?
Re: Triumph Launches the Street Triple.

it happens and then kpaul predicts..

There. Fixed that'n for ya'!

The baby-S3 has been rumoured since the demise of the S4, Dumbass.

And you s'pose it was hard to predict 'Priller wantin' to go MotoGP'n? If you actually HAD any friends, you might-could claim that you know someone at Aprilia that mentioned a probable effort "coming soon" to you in passing a year or so ago.............

But you don't.
Hulk like. Hope same weight as date-ona. Mabey not crush puny human, finance instead.

Need Hulk midrange, not puny fz6 kind....MAKE HULK WANT TO ...SMASH!!! Aaaarrrrfggghhhhhhharrrgklllllhhhaaaarhh!!
Can I get it in something besides West Hollywood green?
It also comes in South Florida Art Deco Green, Faded Lilly Pad Green, Lime Green, and annoying neighbor aluminum siding green.
It's a British bike - that's "aluminium siding green"
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