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Triumph Ends Speculation And Unveils A Naked 675.

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Re: Triumph Launches the Street Triple.


I'll take two please.
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It'll be a complete failure unless it wins some championships.

Hopefully it'll come in British Racing Red. In any color I want to ride one.
Screw the new KLR I had thought of buying...
i'll bet it's a hoot to ride, but honestly ... that thing is so ugly i wouldn't hit my dawg in the butt with it.

is this really the look that young whippersnappers prefer these days? if so, i'm proud to be an old coot.
Yeah, - it's only one cylinder and a "vee" away from being obsolete!
Re: Triumph Launches the Street Triple.

Street Triple has been conceptualized since the 675 first appeared. It's old news. In fact, it's even older than the 675, since the 675 itself was originally conceived of as a naked bike. Therefore, that a naked 675 should follow the faired 675 has always been a foregone condlusion.

News of a new Aprilia-developed v-four is similarly old, been around ever since their groundbreaking 450 v2 came out. Obbviously the double-trouble v-four is intended to replace the Rotax twin in the Mille...and would likely be campaigned in WSBK and perhaps MotoGP.

i really think whether the factory competes in either venue is strictly a matter of finances. Personally I think motogp is a longshot since they are not allowed to use production bikes. It will be too expensive to justify. WSBK on the other hand, I don't doubt for a minute they'll be there.

Man, Tuonos are great bikes but with the Rotax twin on the outs, who wants to buy one when a new engine might be just around the corner? Tough one there.
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Yeah, but my contributions to my kids' college funds ends in about 18 months. Extra cash then....hmmmm... Tiger, Speed Triple, Street Triple.... gotta try 'em all. Gotta try a classic Duck, too. Maybe I'll start test riding this summer. Get ahead of the game so to speak.
No French influence on this baby, eh?
$8k? WHOOO!

Thats a great price...

Fazer level price, but better power, better frame, better handling, etc...

That they went slightly cheaper on the brakes and suspension is, ehh, theres a reason why it is $2k cheaper.
Re: Triumph Launches the Street Triple.

No, a dildo actually serves a purpose.

Dude, that thing is so luscious! Think how much meaner it will look with that mini fly screen removed. Bring it on in a nice rich yellow and it would be a "Killer B"!
Re: Triumph Launches the Street Triple.

And that purpose is to give pleasure to someone.

socko is incapable of that, I suspect.
Looks FZ1-ish except for the headlights and the Yamaha goofy muffler is lower than the Triumph goofy muffler.

Re: Triumph Launches the Street Triple.

"I guess my post/article about Aprillia fielding a V-4 in World Superbike didn't make it past the longride filter"

Oh, shut up. You have more news items posted than anyone. Get over yourself.
I'm sorry, but I just don't get the "factory streetfighter" thing. I thought the whole point of a streetfighter is that cash-strapped kids crashed their sportbikes and put the headlights on to keep the bike streetable while avoiding buying expensive replacement bodywork. Does it come with sanded chickenstrips, pre-ground pegs, a temporary tattoo and clip-on body piercings?

But, to each his own. Two wheels good, four wheels bad.

On another note, I predict that within three years, all of the Big 4 will have redesigned their 600 Supersports to be incrementally faster and lighter. You heard it here first!

Dark Green is the appropriate British racing color.
Re: Triumph Launches the Street Triple.

Nah my wife and girlfriend say I am just fine..
Naked bikes are cool, as well you know, you own one. Maybe the styling on this isn't your cupo tea, but really it's a badass naked standard with a great engine. Tell me you wouldn't trade yours in for this. I sure would.

look at the Moto Morini corsaro 1200 veloce .... it looks VERY similar.. different motor though. It uses an 87 ish degree twin. .. and of course triumph uses the three banger. but the styling looks .. well you can see. for yourself
It occurred to me that the speed triple looks similar too. .. it must be late for me.
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