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The Legend was essentially the same bike as the Thunderbird. Same engine, but with a 5-speed transmission instead of the T-Bird's 6-speed. It also lacked the T-Bird's chrome engine cases and two-tone paint. The seat was a bit thinner and lower to accomodate shorter riders. Otherwise, it's a fine bike.

I recently bought an '01 T-Bird and found that I could find the upgraded model for the same price as the Legend (I was looking in classifieds and on eBay... ended up finding my bike on eBay).

It's a great bike so far. I've put about 1000 miles on it in the past two months.

From what I've seen, they've never sold very many of the T-bird/Legend models. The dealers I visited still had new ones in inventory and they are relatively rare on the used bike market.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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