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Triumph Tidbit

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Now if there were only a Triumph dealer within 250 miles.
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Call 1-800-244-7354 to find out
They need some rates like BMW offers, although I think BMW overinflates their prices to do so.
We have a Honda/Triumph dealer. Only problem is he does not have a single new bike on his showroom floor. He says it's due to the bad economy. I think his days are numbered. No bikes = No sales.
To hell w/ the financing arrangement - how about a GE turbine mounted in a Triumph frame?

Jay Leno
Where are you located?? I'm in SD and there isn't sh*t for anything other than Jap, and HD.
Low credit rates are good for Triumph owners. It makes it easy to afford all those quarts of oil, zener diodes, piston/ring sets and all the other things necessary to keep any Triumoh running.
Too bad you're not in northern, North Dakota. You could be nearer than 250 miles to a great little dealership which sells Triumph only in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
I've never owned a Triumph but wouldn't mind having one. Back in 1974 in Iowa City, Iowa I made the mistake of drag racing against a Triumph Bonneville on my Honda CB750. I wrongly assumed that young Bobby Fobian didn't stand a chance. Well, all I saw was his tail end pulling away the entire race. Embarrassed the heck out of me. Both bikes were bone stock. I though I had quite the bike up until that day. I came to believe that Honda had emasculated their 750s after the first year model and my year of bike, a 74' was nutless. I traded that bike in for a 1977 CB750F model which I still have sitting in a garage today with 33,000 miles on it and never wrecked. That bike served me well during my Marine years.
Oh how I wish I could get decent insurance for a Speed Four. The agony....
As Per the popup box on the Triumph website:

There is a lot of financial gameplaying going on these days. But our deal is simple. Select the new Triumph that is right for you. Make your deal. Qualify for financing. Pay as low as 3.9% for 48 months or 4.9% for 60 months. And that is it. Done!. End of story. No escalating rates. No extended terms. Just a nice, clean deal on a brand new Triumph.

* Closed end credit offer subject to credit approval by GE Capital Financial, Inc. Applies to purchase of all new and unused Triumph brand motorcycles made on installment loan accounts in the U.S. from 7/01/03 to 9/30/03. Fixed APR is assigned when loan is established based on risk and approval criteria. See dealer for details.

That figures, I just bought my new Trophy through a credit union @ 8.9%. But I did get $500 bucks worth of Triumph swag and $2k worth of discounts. Fact is I'd have paid an extra $2k 'cause the bikes so dope.
There is a really nice Triumph/KTM dealer in Fargo, ND but that's just too far to go. Although I may be tempted to go to Canada if I could get one for a little cheaper.
You really must have had a slow Honda, since the Trumpet put out around 50 horse power, and weighed in at 430 lbs wet. Top speed on a '74 was around 109 mph.

I use to beat 'em with my 1971 CB350 Honda up to a hundred or so, and then the Triumph would inch slowly by.
"It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt."

Obviously you know absofreakinnothin' about new Triumphs.

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