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Triumph Tiger Reader Feedback

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Ok you talked about the new motor but you said nothing about horse power or torque differences from the old mill. How did it handle?

Oh well enough nit- picking the artical!
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I now ride an old 1100 Katana that I will replace this fall. I sure do like the sport touring sport bike on the highway, but it is a handfull around town, real easy to get a ticket on, and I never get close to its full potential. Many times I have felt that I would be happier with a bike that was a bit less focused, even though I like what I now have.

I can see why someone would choose a Tiger, I just may end up doing so myself. Time will tell!
That is a tough call. There is no way that the average rider can beat ABS on a bike any more than a car driver can out perform a cars ABS.

However there are situations where not having ABS is good fun, and that is one less thing to maintain or break.

As a commuter I would like to have it, especially when it rains or there is frost/ice on the road. But for weekend fun, I would pass.
1 - 2 of 66 Posts
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