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i'm a big fan of m.o. check in at least once a day.

but this review was way below par.

more of an exercise in "clever" writing than anything.

a few paragraphs about us vs. them. most of which is inaccurate. for example, the vast majority of brits prefer their road bikes to be sport bikes, not "to look like dirt bikes." also, they're not particularly fond of being grouped in the "euro" category.

as for the meat of the review - slim pickings. a few superficial comments about the engine, hard bags, etc. brochure material at best.

and a bit about "getting the back end out." wow, aren't we studs.

guys, read the article. then ask yourselves if this would be of any real value to you.

i really like this site. but you need to be harder on yourselves if you want respect from your readers.

suggestion. do the review over.

1 - 1 of 66 Posts
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