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I have to agree with David. I think this article was very superficial. They didn't even go as far as taking their own pictures of the bike in action. They got them from the Triumph website. I have waited forever to read about this bike, and this is the best they could do? Did they even really ride the thing, or did they just talk to the reps? I have been forced to endure how many articles on the R1 and the R6, and one article on a different bike comes out, and it's like they didn't even go to work. Just went out for fish & chips or something...jeez!!! I am one of those contrarian, dual-sport-adventure-tourer nuts, and I love the look of both the Tiger and the Beemer. I would definitely own the Beemer if money were no object, and I have a Tiger on order. The Beemer has a great feel. Sat on one at Sturgis last year. The Tiger is two months behind schedule right now for showing up. We don't know why, except a possible case of brake & throttle disease may be holding it up in customs. I plan to ride the bike myself to at least find out what I like/don't like as no one seems to agree on it. One thing they do agree on in Europe is the buffeting from the wind is intolerable, and Triumph has not done much to work on this. Call Craig Vetter or something, boys! They also never responded to me as to why for the last two years they have dissed the dealer and not shown up for the Sturgis Rally. Every other manufacturer in the business came last year, along with ca. 700K bikes and about double the people. Their response to one of my buddies was "they didn't want to cater to that type of biker." Huh? At any rate, I think this style of bike is far underrated. For me, the dirtbike seating position is much more comfortable than the cruiser or sportbike styles, and I want a bike that can pretty much do anything/go anywhere I wanna go. The dealer here tries very hard, (unlike many dealers I have shopped at), but the BMW guys are very friendly and successful too. If it comes down to a lack of information, and if the bike doesn't show up for another month, I may just have to finance a little and go for the ugly duckling instead of the big green highlighter.
1 - 1 of 66 Posts
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