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Triumph TT600 Reader Feedback

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It's too bad that there aren't any long-term reviews of the 600cc sportbikes. I bought my bike within a month of two friends buying a Honda CBR600 and another buying a Yamaha R-6. They laughed at me and the torture of the break-in cycle which I diligently followed. However, today, my bike is by far the tightest and smoothest. In addition, my bike has "come in" much more than theirs. At first it was slower than the other bikes, but today I can't tell that any bike is noticably faster than the others.

The other reply is true in that the plateau in my bike between 3,000 and 3,500 rpm went away around 1,000 miles.

On the down-side mine does run warmer than either of the other bikes and has to idle for about a minute or two before smoothing out and becoming rideable.

Hope this helps.
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