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Trolling for flames....

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If I could only ride with it still on the bike, then I woudn't have to worry about my 100th anniversary t-shirt flapping in the breeze and getting all wrinkled.

On the other hand, if I cranked the fan up enough, I could feel like I was really riding...without leaving the comfort and safety of my garage!
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Hmmm. Lemme guess, you really sent this as a back-handed way of asking where in the heck is this long-ago promised 5 bike shoot-out, right? What was it, 8 days ago that we were told that the MOrons were burning the mid-night oil to finish up this review so they could publish it? Maybe someone should head over the the MOron Hq and see if the staff mistakenly lit the wrong type of oil and accidently destroyed both of their typewriters, and all of Sean's sunglasses.

You expect us to believe that you found a Harley add-on that only costs $269.00 ?

This is nothing new and has been sold for a while by aftermarket companies. Many car people use similar items to store their classic cars. Actually, when the $100,000.00 BMW Z8 sportscar came out, a local dealer had it displayed in his showroom in a 'bubble". Keeps the masses from laying their greasy fingerprints on it. Actually, it would be good for storage here in the North during the miserable winter.
Products like this sell because there are a lot of people out there who have not confornted their own mortality. What's the point of having a bike thats in better shape then you are. The world is a place full of

time passing. No bubble is going to stop that. Bikes should only be clean after they are washed. It's the old argument of material possesions verses experience. I'd rather have the experience of making that bike dirty and there are quit a few Harleys out there that have had there share of dirt put on and taken off. In fact considering all of time past Harleys have gather more dirt then any other bike. Nice try Jane you ignorant ****
What do ya say we all take up a collection and buy one of these for Mrs Paul to stick KPC in.

We could probably save some money on the fan because with him in it, it would self-inflate.
Does this mean I have to scrape the 1/2 inch of road crap and chain munge off my bike or can I store it as is.? ,,, Wait a minute! I've got a "heated storage facility" right now, I just call it a garage

There's not much point to washing a bike in the winter around here, It'l just get filthy again when I ride it tomorrow.

Actually I just hose it down with gas when I fill up, then ride around in the rain,- Degreaser+rinse+plus air drying,- Bike cleaning northwest style.
Had I not seen it with mine own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it...
Do you get a bunch of greenie weenies following you flipping you off as you ride? Or do you easily pull away from them because they strictly adhere to Seattle's 55 mph speed limit?
the lengths people go to to preserve junk. Especially mass produced junk. this is the same mentality as the doggie spa. Does it come with an oil blotter too? What kind of dork doesn't stroke and fondle their bike when they can't ride?? Would they put their girlfriend in a bubble when they can't have sex?
Can you fill it with water and fake snow? Would make a really cool snow globe!
Though the speed limit here is a break-neck 60mph, the clapped-out enviro/lefty sticker festooned mid 70's Volvo wagons, that seem to be the vehicale of choice for tree huggers here, appear to self limit at around 48mph (give or take). This of course aids in their quest to save us from ourselves/ conserve resources, by keeping the speed down on the freeway.

When they see my bike they appear to think I'm one of them, doing my bit. If only they knew of my life-long employment in the power generation industry burning coal, oil and gas!
Black / Clear Combo Condom

I had a helluva time using mine because a portion of it is black and as it rolled around it blocked my vision with the largest blind-spot I've ever encountered on my bike. In addition, I had to throw the fan away as it proved harder than hell to ride over, again and again, and besides I needed a way to evacuate the carbon monoxide that kept putting me to sleep.

"runner00" put it correctly as anyone who buys a motorcycle to use this crap ain't a motorcyclist and to me there is no machine worth worshiping to the point that it is encapsulated in a black and clear condom. If'n your ride any got road-rash on it somewhere it ain't sh!t.
If they only knew how much more pollution a mid 70s Volvo wagon or late 60s VW bus spewed out compared to a current SUV.

Of course they probably do but the enviro movement is so much style over substance anyway.
The ultimate gift for Posers and Buz

Now that was funny! But I am defindently going to give you girl friend (DD Dot) a call, you know the one you met at Sturgis with the DDs, she is looking for a Christmas present for you Buz. Now that you two are living in her trailer down by the refinery. I think there is also a mini version for Buz Jr. Watch out for DD Dot's ex he is real biker.
The last thing you want is a constant flow of air playing over the bike. As the staff posted, the oxygen is what promotes corrosion. I doubt that the filter removes salt from the air, so if you live near the ocean you thus have a constant flow of salt molecules playing over the bike.

If you really want to protect yoyr Harley (or any other keepsake vehicle) limply build a temporary box, put the vehicle in, and then fill the entire box with a slowly setting plastic resin. After it hardens you can place the finished product in a place it can be admired from.

I imagine that people who would use such a bubble never ride the dammed bike anyhow.
For KPC see my sugggested preservative system below.
Dunno about keeping a bike in it, but it looks like an excellent Cone of Silence. Max would be proud!
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