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Twists, Turns and Trouble

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first post, now I will read the article.
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lets hear it for safety gear!
Damn you!!!!!!!!!!!!! JK! I've never heard of this place before, is it really that good? Are squids in regular attendance riding way beyond their skills in typical squid fashion and doing inside passes? Or can we expect some common sense with the general crowd riding there? I'd like to give it a try, sounds like a great ride!

With regards to the locals whining, I think it's BS how everyone pays tax dollars to pave roads to ride/drive on, then the locals living there get to call shots with "extra crackdowns" and hanging from nutz complaints of "loud engine noise" and "fear of my life due to getting hit by a motorcyclists".

If the locals want plush mountainside scenery and serenity, let them go buy some time share at a log cabin; everyone pays for the roads and everyone should be able to ride on them whenever they please, regardless of engine noise.

That is all.
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ok. seriously. Is it Puddle Pirate, Poodle Pirate or Pud Le Pirate?

Inquiring minds want to know.
Sounds like a few motorcycle cops with laser/radar guns could fix this issue (with a chopper on stand by for the runners). I like how the cops announce that in October they will have another go at it.

"It basically amounts to inexperienced squids on Japanese sportbikes are wadding up on curvy roads." Sounds like the AMA should support the idea of a graduated license system. Before the guvment decides to ban sportbikes...
By the way I meant helicopter not chopper as in Orange County Chopper. :)
This is really the important part of this story, and I quote

"Despite frequent crashes, there have not been any motorcycle fatalities on the mountain in the past three years, Lucia said. He credits the protective equipment most thrill seekers wear."

I just rode Palomar South grade on Tuesday, and it was beautiful and desolated. No knee dragging for me. i was calmly pushing my beast of a Hayabusa around the curves. it was so beautiful, and there is an unsecured wireless access point at the observatory. I'm such a geek!

Gee squid, how about if some friends and I decide to drag race up and down the street where you live any night when we have some spare time? Make a little noise, make it a little scary to try and ride a bike down your street, tell you to f*** off 'cause it's our street too. Think you'd enjoy that for more than 15 minutes? Seems like people like you always find it easy to see what your "rights" are and can never see that the other guys have some too. Besides, if you live long enough to grow up, you're going to discover that, one way or another, you're one of the "locals".

It starts with what sounds alarming:

"Every warm-weather weekend, there are two reported accidents, on average..."

Later the truth comes out after the average reader lost interest:

"According to fire department records, there have been 26 reported motorcycle injury accidents on the mountain this year. In 2004, the figure was 23. In 2003, 26..."

So according to my math, that's about .5 reported accidents per weekend? But I guess decimals just don't have the same impact as whole numbers while citing a statistic, as they are perceived as statistically insignificant... I'm sure if you took the amount of riders on Palomar and compared the accident rate per man-hour of distance travelled on similar roads across the country, you'd have an accident rate that is nearly identical, and thus this story is complete BS. Thankfully, we have reporters to shape our opinions, and any good reporter knows how to bend the rules a little bit... I guess the "warm weather" thing provides the latitude to make up BS that creates a bigger story than there really is; it sounds significant while still clinging to a thread of "scientific fact." This just supports my belief that 73.49% of all statistics are made-up on the spot.
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Re: Hmmmmm...

One sentence refers to accidents, the other injury accidents, so it's possible that they're both correct. I read the article in this morning's paper and I didn't think it was overly alarmist, and anyway, the CHP don't make a big deal out of Palomar very often (based on what I've read - I always take the other road up, and I've never seen a cop).

I'd be awfully surprised if the accident rate "per man-hour of distance travelled on similar roads across the country" is nearly identical, but I don't have any statistical information to support my opinion.
Man, that would make a great name for a band.

"Ok everbody, lets make some noise for... Pud, and the Poodle Pirates!"

I see that the two most notorious GPTB members, Buz and longride, are trying to start a flamewar again, eh?

I think the easiest solution is to simply arrest everyone who exceeds 90mph on this road. Before long there won't be a problem any more.

I know that it's too bad when people start building homes along places like this, but the target of anger should be the govt entities that rezone these areas as residential. No homes = no problem. It is possible for the local govt to tell developers to go suck eggs, you know. It does happen in some towns. Recently we stopped a big bonding issue that would have stuck a big "Troubled Youth" (criminal, that is) Treatment Center smack dab in the center of an area that was zoned recreational and light residential. So I know it can be done.

A thousand motorcyclists writing letters to the local politicians might have more effect than one would think. Of course that would mean that more people might have to start paying attention to those boring things like City Council meetings, rezoning issues, etc etc. Difficult to do when your time is split between playing ricky racer, DoomIII and watching Fear Factor.
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doom3 is pretty fun, isn't it?

i'm gonna go wheelie, now.
I would never start a flame war here. I am always a perfect gentleman. Doom III kicks ass.
I think the easiest solution is to simply arrest everyone who exceeds 90mph on this road. Before long there won't be a problem any more.
I could be mistaken, since I don't ride a full-on sportbike and I'm old and slow, but I don't think _anybody_ exceeds 90 mph on the South Grade of Palomar. If you haven't been there, think Passo di Stelvio (we've all seen the pics in the mags, right?), with much shorter straights between the switchbacks, and heavy brush and woods. And the residences are all at the top. There are some residences and ranches along the East Grade, however. And the locals at the top have to drive these roads to get to darn near anything. They're great, fun roads, suffering from too much popularity and inexperienced riders.
Yea, I hate this bastard that lives in my alley, he starts his loud F***'N harley up at 6:00 in the morrning and revs the engine a bunch for like 10 mins just sitting in the alley, where it reverberates off all the walls like crazy.

But, that said, I wouldn't really have a problem with motorcycles running up and down the street.. AS long as they had stock pipes (or no louder) harley's seem the worst about being loud bastards if you ask me...

And, I do try and keep what I hate in mind when I ride. I come home pretty late sometimes (3:00, 6:00 in the morrning) on my motorcycle, but it's just a little EX500 and it's pretty quiet, I also try and turn it off very quickly when I get home, I even coast down the alley to park sometimes.

When I ride on the twisty mountain roads, sure it's not quiet, but it's not like it's a residental area, when ever I see houses, people walking, etc. I get off the throttle and try and give them a little less noise..... What more can I really do?

they don't sell any quieter pipes! (WHY NOT???)

I would love to have quieter pipes.
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When this kind of thing happens, the best action is to go elsewhere or ride at "off" times. Avoid the squids or find other carving grounds.
I used to ride at Palomar, it is alot of fun. If you can go during the week you will have it all to yourself. I was there on one of CHP's crack down days, they don't bother you if you didn't hang off like an idiot, or pass the double yellow lines. Most of the riders will pass on the exit of a turn or when you wave them by, well when I used to go there that's what it was like.
Yeah, I was there on Tuesday. It was desolate. I also went to Lake Henshaw. Wow..desolate, quiet, and beautiful on my (relatively quiet) Hayabusa. I am an astronomy buff, so its was a double nice day.

I did Angeles Crest on Thursday, and went to the Top of Mount Wilson. It was also empty, especially after the bike restaurant since the road is closed off. No big deal, just turned around and enjoyed the emptiness.

Definitely aint gonna be pushing a 'Busa too fast around corners, but i was just out there enjoying the ride at whatever speed.

Automated radar and cameras would solve the problem. Just mail the tickets out. The message would filter through after enough riders got a photo of their tag and the posted speed along with a request for a large donation to the policemen’s benevolent society.
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