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Two-smoke fans take note of these guys.

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first post?

sounds interesting but will it pass emissions.

I'd like to see the piston contraption they made.

I'd also like to listen to it run.

too much to ask?
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A Pivital Occurance?

Think they ought'a spell it "Piv'tal" or sumtnin' like that: be able to soak the Neu'vo Sucker-Riche', that'a way. The Bozo-Wealthy, love that "Sor-tae' Shee't!"
I wonder how the issues of the edge seals for the Pivotal pistons compare to the tip seal issues encountered in Wankel rotary engines?
Just think of the pile of dead squid if these folks end up creating a 350 lb. 250 hp. sport bike. I like two strokes but I'm not sure I'd like a two stroke made with 2005 technologies. I do like the idea of no valve adjustments, low weight, low center of gravity and high performance. Nothing like that available now. This new engine would give the folks at Dunlop a challenge.
I think the 250lbs/260hp sport bike, you're talking about, would be a great idea! Throw-in a 25% dicount and attractive financing, for anyone with an I.Q. under 110, and you just-might save the Human Race.

Other than that, legalizing post-54th-Trimester abortions, could be a pretty good idea.
The newest items on the website are 2002?

maybe a ghost engine makes no sound


This is the first time I've seen or heard of the the pivotal-piston, but seeing the website-illustrations has my mind reeling.

Motion is stablized, but surface-area is greatly-increased and as you inferred it would seem possibly- more-difficult to contain the combustion gasses.

Then, I get into all the different ways the top-connecting-point of the connecting-rod, might travel-horizontally along the horizontal, and all the different ways that might be used to adjust the Torque/Power curves (possibly on the fly) and I really start going NUTS.

Anyway, if they ever get it to work it'll be cool, but right now I have my doubts...and a Hellava-Head-Ache!
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The pioneering spirit of John Britten is alive and well in Christchurch, I wish them good luck, they sure have something there.

Imagine a 250-300 Lb. 150 HP sport bike :)
I'd like a 2 stroke street bike. a modern version of an RD400 would be a kick in the butt. Something along the lines of a Speed Triple or Buell Lightning with a 5 or 600 cc two stroke would be incredibly fun.

Reed valves... expansion chambers... Blend-Zall or Castrol R...

I love the smell of bean oil in the morning, smells like.......Victory....
A 10 pound (add another 10 for tranny and clutch if you must) 200HP triple engine with a 15,000 RPM redline and an extremely usable power delivery. 50,000 miles between services, mainly oil changes. A projected service life of 1,000,000 miles between overhauls. 100MPG on tap water with oxygen and water vapor emmissions. Come on Martin, Get crackin'!
The rotary engine had a different set of problems, I think, in that some of the "rings" had to go through a cycle of contact and release (when they passed through one of the chambers). This engine has constant contact on the ring surfaces, which I think would be easier, and the rings would always be at the same angle of contact with the surface, which is good. It's an amazing concept, actually.
1000 RPM power band?

The ragged torque curve is dropping like a stone below 5000 RPM. I'll bet it won't run at all at 4000.

I'll bet the part of the torque curve they didn't show is both short and hilarious.
While everything is stable, the cylinder is on a curve: metal expansion and radial torque; would heat cause those things; and could either of two things cause damage, or catastrophic failure?

Lotsa heat, lotsa forces, lotsa surface area to bend, twist, warp and expand...Gotta Wonder!
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