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Two wheeled ambulance

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There's a compnay in Malaysia using ST1300 as fire trucks!!!
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Harley offers (at least a couple years ago they did) leaseing thier bikes to fire departments for a ridiculously low amount. I know Taylor, MI had one. You can imagine the riders in my department were bugging our chief. Darn liability!
You would think downtown areas like New York and Chicago would look into this as a low cost means to get to the scene quicker. They would still have to wait for transport, but at least they could start the medical treatment sooner.
I remembered reading about this happening someplace in Florida, so I looked it up. Here's a link to one story-sorry no pics,2933,97258,00.html

But they'd have to leagalize lane-splitting!

And we all know how DANGEROUS that is! Motorcyclists would die by the thousands! It would be carnage! Mayhem! Cats and dogs, sleeping together! The end is near!
I have often wondered why they don't have EMTs on bikes. I would think the response time for some basic life support would be great for high traffic or remote areas.

You could call it F.A.R.T (first alert response team) or not.
Re: But they'd have to leagalize lane-splitting!

Oh, like ambulances and cop cars follow traffic rules! :)
Yeah, and if they used a Harley Fat Boy, they could nickname it the "Fart Boy" LOL.
I guess they put the victim in the two saddle bags and then sew him back together at the hospital.
Here in NJ there used to be a hospital that had EMTs on at least 2 BMWs. They were police models R1150Ps loaded with EMT type stuff. I think that BMW may have loaned them the bikes. BMWNA is headquatered here.
Here in Hong Kong, the Fire Department uses BMWs for both fires and EMT. The BMW "fire bike" is pretty wild, with two large round cylinder tanks where the saddlebags would be. One of my MBA students is in the FD, so I asked him if I was correct when I thought I saw a "fire bike". He said that the one real danger is that when you use one tank, you have to empty the other tank as well, otherwise the imbalance in weight would cause accidents (it seems that they learned that the hard way).
I live in the state of New South Wales in Australia. The NSW Ambulance service has used paramedics mounted on motorcycles since the early 1990's.



for more details. They used to use BMWs but now use Honda 1300s.


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Yes, then we could have David Lee Roth rushing to the scene of an accident on his Day Glo Yellow ST1300.
They've put the "ill" in "pillion"

You can't connect the two tanks with a hose? Even Harley figured that one out.
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