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U.S. DOT Announces 2006 Seatbelt & Motorcycle Helmet Use Stats.

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Is wearing a helmet a good thing? What if I ride a cruiser?
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Your homework assignment.

Kinetic Energy

Conservation of Energy
Re: Your homework assignment.

So this is what? Supposed to relieve me of my Stupidity?

If I'm so Four-Asterisk'n Stupid, wouldn't that be absolutely Idiotic to surmise that I had enough mental capacity to grasp the fundamentals behind simple Physics?

Really KP, I AM a Dropout: I have no formal College Education. I work in the Agricultural "Industry", for a company based in a small town in Arkansas.

I ain't got no big-city smarts ta' figger out komplecks ciphers an' them jiggery-pokery numerz an' stuff, like alla youse in Seattle.

Now, if'n youns'll 'skuze me, I gots to go feed th' chikenz........
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I live in Arkansas. I'd say that well under half the riders I see wear helmets. probably only a third of cruiser riders.
You often see them at the MO/AR border, donning and doffing their fake-DOT-stickered salad bowls, as MO does have a helmet law. (but they just "softened" it to a secondary offense)

AR has the 21 and under law, and they also made it illegal for any child under 7 to ride pillion.
Re: Nonsense, its how energy is transferred is the key.. i.e conservation of energy l

KPaul, I have no idea WTF you said; I could not make heads nor tails of whatever you're trying to regurgitate from some site you've Googled.

Would you kindly repeat the observation in English? Or simply supply the site URL, and paragraph numbers you're attempting to cite.

Thank You.
when people say wearing a helmet is more dangerous than not. I reply try walking through a woods with your eyes closed without a helmet on and tell me how thats feels. Now imagine what 55 mph would feel like.

You're Right!

Those Damn Demoncrats!
Apparently your cruiser is incapable of speeds greater than 10 mph. OK, don't see why you would wear a helmet then. Apparently you are driving a HD. For the rest of us who RIDE a metric cruise capable of speeds much faster than HD's, and have a brain in our heads, we wear helmets.
Re: Nonsense part 2

jesus. I've forgotten more about physics than you'll ever know. as usual, you have used a lot of misspelled words to say nothing.

I look forward to your next run-on-sentence, latin-abbreviation-ridden lecture on mechanical impedance matching, and helmets, and why that proves longride sucks, or whatever. Go on, scurry off and look it up.
Re: Nonsense part 2

I just wanted him to know that he was losing an "argument" (if you could call it that) to an Uneducated, Gap-toothed (but the gap IS smaller these days!), Stumpfcuk-Hill-Scoggin Idiot (me!).

I used to give the benefit of a doubt whenever I read and replied to his posts.

Now, he's just a tackling dummy.

The sad thing is; he probably IS some poor schlub's Stupidvisor - he's unlikely to be lying about that, as he holds-on to it so tightly.
41 - 51 of 51 Posts
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