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Even at 250 pounds (with lights, tank, seat, etc - I agree), that would be a fun ride! I have absolutely no interest in the "stunting" side of it. I just love the concept of simplicity and light weight.

I'll really interested in Supermoto bikes because of this, but to me, they all look very strange - lots of dirt plastic on a street bike? Ugly IMO.

KTMs look nice, but they're all big bikes. Why not make a good looking 250 and 450 supermoto?

I've got an SV now, and I love the bike, but I remember riding my old Nighthawk 250 a few weeks after getting the SV. To my surprise, I had a lot of fun throwing it around the road. No thanks to the awful engine, suspension, and brakes (they're just for show) - it's all in the weight of the bike.

My current "dream bike" for general riding would have to be a 450cc bike making ~50 hp and weighing around 275 pounds, street legal, good design, and a minimum range of 125 miles. Think it's impossible? Look at the Honda CRF450F - makes 55hp, weighs 218 dry (claimed).
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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