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Oh yay. Stunting has done more to wreck motorcycling's reputation than the Hell's Angels ever dreamed of.
Well, I wouldn't say Stunting in and of itself has given Motos a black eye - it's the B.S. like guys Mono'n down I-540 in rush hour traffic at 110mph, or a gaggle of un-muffled sportbikes taking over a "deserted" residential back-street at 3:00am to practice their stoppies and burnouts.........

They're no better or worse than Hells Angels - good and bad in both groups. It's just what's being "noticed" now, because more of Joe America is realizing that those "Outlaw Bikers" are just their Accountant or Dentist. Not that they trust them any more, or fear them any less, they just don't pay them as much attention as they used to.

We're all still in the same boat - the average non-rider Citizen despises and fears us all at the worst, is oblivious of our very existence until they run us over at the best.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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