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You'll never get rid of the illegal stunters, just as street racers and other forms of vehicular hooliganism have been and always will be around. But this controlled and professional version legitimizes the persuit, and makes it something that the mainstream can appreciate.
You may not get rid of the illegal stunters, but I can assure you the rest of us will suffer greatly as a result of their actions. We're fighting a proposed law in FL that calls for the arrest of any motorcyclist and the confiscation of their motorcycle for a traffic infraction as a direct result of stunting.

The "controlled and professional" version simply glorifies, publicizes, and legitimizes what's being done on the street. Almost every Superbikes show, including the one I watched last night, has stunting segements being performed on public highways. "The following scenes are performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment" disclaimer is a total wad of crap.

Look, I don't care if riders want to do stunts on public highways any more than I care if somebody wants to smoke crack. But when the crackhead starts breaking into my house to steal, or the stunter creates a needlessly hostile environment for me to ride in, then I get annoyed.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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