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Unsportsmanlike Rossi?

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The heroes need to be held to higher standards then the masses for the good of the sport.
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I didn't see anything particularly bad by Rossi. It seems to me that the first few curves, esp. the first one, are always extremely dangerous as everyone tries so hard to get to the front.

On Nicky: that would be an exciting championship win (attention: sarcasm): just putt along, arrive between 3rd and 5th (behind your rookie teammate) and win the championship. Is Nicky going to show some fight? I want my champions to show some extra something. Pedrosa went down swinging, for ex. And what about Melandri and Capirossi. Say what you want, but Capirossi was going all out at the end. Nicky was just racing to arrive at the end. Not cool or exciting, I am afraid.
It's liffe get used to it.

Sure but who is going to complain. It's like Michael Jordan used to travel all the time. Rossi is the superstar and brings people in. If it was De Puniet who did it you would see some action by the officials.. Hey that's life.

On a positive note how about Ben Spies winning 6 AMA superbike races in a row? That's some positive news that should be reported.. Spies is the next Hayden maybe better. If he wins the championship MotoGP will come calling.
If you look closely at the video, he was bumped, which caused him to bump the other two riders and take the Kawasaki down. He's aggressive, but I've been watching him for years, as I'm sure all of you have. I'm not a biased Rossi fan, but I believe he is by far the best rider in the world. Without his bad string of luck, which had nothing to do with him, he'd be leading the championship. I'm a Nicky Hayden fan also, but Rossi is still the class of the field. In my opinion, he did nothing wrong.
Go, Nicky

Hard to believe there were folks on this board the last few years saying Nicky should give it up and come back to AMA. Cuz he was only, like, the sixth-best motorcyclist on the planet. Now there are people saying it would be boring if he won the world championship by being the second, third, or fourth best motorcyclist on the planet on a consistent, week-to-week basis. Whatever.
If Rossi shakes the bad luck and his tires and bike don't let him down, he will be the champion at the end of the season. And that's exactly what I think will happen. I predict either Pedrosa or Hayden in second.
First on Rossi: Vale is as intense a rider as anyone out there. He did what he had to do to get in front of the weaker riders. Life's tough. Deal with it.

Second on Hayden: Nicky's developing a bike for an entire Honda squad. He has the factory team to worry about first but Dani is some 30 lbs lighter than Nicky so set up is a real BIOTCH. Nicky's running up front with the worlds elite motorcycle racers. His bike has had the same problem since testing in pre-season. The boy's bike loses grip in the front. The sliding of the back tire is his style because of flat track racing. He's mastered that. If the front doesn't stick it pushes wide. As soon as Michelin and Honda figure out how to make the bike stick he'll be fine. Out side of Sunday's 5th he's been on the podium 6-8 times in a row. You can say what you want about the wins (they will come). But HRC is worried about the points and I'm sure Nicky's well aware of that fact, too.

You have to remember that even great riders may have only one or two wins in a season and still be a champion.
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Excuses are for the weak but the fact is that Nicky was sick during LaMans. Even the great Rossi can't finish up front when your not 100% fit. Nicky- as much as you may hate it- is a world class motorcyle racer. His consistancy can only be matched by Rossi (except for the fact that this year Rossi's ride keeps failing). Loris, Marco, Dani, Casey and one or two others are all great, but are they consistant? NO! Campionships are won by those that run smarter races than the competition. Nicky's doing that.
Re: It's liffe get used to it.

Spies will have a factory WSB ride by the 2008 season.
I have to admit that I watched the incident, but I didn't spot Rossi doing anything wrong. So in answer to the question of fines etc... No I don't think he should be punished in any way.

As for his ride going kaput on him, when did Yamaha start using Buell engines for MotoGP?

Also, like you I would like to see Nicky take the title as well.
Actually, it was Pedrosa that cut across Rossi's front tire, knocking Vale off His line and unfortunately, into De Puniet. I thought Pedrosa was going to cry in the post-race interview after losing the lead and ending in third. As for Nicky, he gutted out an impressive fifth considering He was battling the flu (and Casey Stoner). He is by far the most consistent rider this year, hence the champoinship points leader. The wins will come, but there are a lot of fast guys this year!
Re: It's liffe get used to it.

A step down? Hodgson won WSB a few years ago?
You might be right but Rossi is in a distance 8th place.

You are right though Rossi looked great until his bike quit on him.
On Nicky, Nicky has been struggling from the beginning in this field, he probably ascended too fast out of AMA (remember how pissed Colin was?), but he was a popular kid so Honda wanted him up there. The fact that he is in contention is AMAZING. He is riding faster, but still within his limits. As his limits go up, so does his rankings. If he wins the title for being second fastest and first smartest, doesn't he deserve it? As far as him hanging it all out, think Schwantz. Moments of exciting brilliance, and tons of crashes. Now think Lawson. Who is remembered as the better racer??
I have to wonder what will happen if Rossi finishes poorly this year, for whatever reason. Might make him think twice about jumping ship to F1 ... Might also make him think about moving to another manufacturer next year. What do you guys think about Colin Edwards?
I thought it *looked* unsportsmanlike, but I don't know anything about motorcycle racing (not that being ignorant has ever stopped me before).

It seems like Rossi should be responsible for where his front wheel ends up...did the guy he bumped from behind take a crazy line or something? In any event bad luck for de Puneit and for Rossi.

Rossi looks unbeatable when his bike holds together. Interesting that Capirossi was hoping for rain. Anyone know why?

Re: It's liffe get used to it.

Hodgson can't find a suitable factory WSB ride or he'd be there. Oh, and the fact that Ducati Corse is paying him more money to ride that bike than anyone on the AMA paddock.
Break out the tin hats- Rossi doesn't have to be good this year. He's racing F1 no matter what next year...
Loris races great in the wet and the Duc used traction control. I'd race wet, too.
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