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Upgraded my SV650

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After having my SV for 5 years, I've finally made upgrades I've been thinking about since I bought it. The mods are basically the same as outlined in the two MO articles, but I'll go through it anyway.
- Penske 8983
- Omni springs, Race Tech emulators
- Goodridge braided lines, rear Galfer Wave rotor

The difference is night and day - it feels like a completely different bike. The vague feel from the front end, dead feeling brakes, pogo-like suspension action, and general looseness are all gone. Now it's crisp, controlled, and precise. The bike feels both lighter and more stable, and brake dive is dramatically reduced. While I clearly feel bumps and ripples, they are muted and don't upset the bike.

Anyone who has an SV and is considering getting another bike because they are tired of the price-point components should consider upgrading instead.
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Alright, money well spent. It's amazing what an improvement a suspension upgrade can be, as far as bang for bucks, decent shocks and a fork kit coupled with sticky tires makes a world of differance.
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