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With Apologies to George O

"You just got on your motorcycle and rode away? That doesn't make sense, Grampa. How did you get past the end of the block without having your CTR transponder activated?"

"Frankie, motorcycles didn't have Clearance To Ride transponders back then. You didn't have to file a Ride Plan, and you didn't have to get anybody's ok to ride where you wanted to. You just rode."

"But, how did you know conditions were going to be safe to ride without DOT checking for you? What if there was ice or water on the road? What if there was heavy traffic or construction?"

"Well, the rider of the bike was supposed to be able to handle those kinds of things. We might have found any of those conditions out there, but we managed."

"Even so, you'd still have to spend at least 45 minutes getting your GBHP, TPA, AJEGs, RASs, NRS, and HMICM on and connected. What, you just wore street clothes and jackets? You didn't strap in?"

"Actually, yes. We didn't have to wear a Gary Busey Head Protection System, or a Torso Protection Armor, or Anti-Joint Extension Guards, Rider Attachment Straps, or even put the Human Motorcycle Interface Capability Monitor needles in. In fact, in some places, you didn't even have to wear a helmet!"

"Oh yeah, riiiight…like any kind of vehicle is going to let you just start it up and drive it away if you've had a beer or smoked anything. What, you want me to believe they let YOU decide if you were ok to drive? As if…"

"Yeah, it's true. Of course, if you made a bad decision, you were in really big trouble, but you got to decide for yourself. In fact, the Police Integrated Ground Surveillance System didn't even exist."


"Yep. And if you were foolish enough to try it, you could keep your motorcycle running even if the cops wanted you to stop. They didn't have the Dump Button until, what, '09, I think it was."

"But that's crazy! People just going where they wanted to, when they wanted to, how they wanted to? Next you're going to tell me people actually had their own motorcycles instead of leasing them from DOT."

"Well, this might be hard to understand, but at one time, people thought that having the freedom to make their own decisions was more important than eliminating any possibility of risk."

"Huh? Grampa, what's a risk?"
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