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I used to be a DirtBike subscriber as a young lad. I remember the musings of Super Hunky. Or, maybe I don't. There was an awful lot of locoweed going around in those days.
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A good, entertaining story to start the morning with. Thanks.
If mscuddy did in facy write this he should consider writing professionally, if he isn't already.

Unfortunately, yes, it is true. I didn't add the '85 RZ350 we found in Silverlake that looked like it had been underwater for the last 15 years. Guy wanted big $$$ for it. "Hey man, this is a Kenny Roberts Replica."

Recycler madness.

Who cares if the story is true or not; it's a fun read that makes a dull day pass. I do remember a similar Super Hunky story. As I recall, he was looking at a beater Sportster. The story was a bit more involved and told as only the Hunkster could and may be recounted in his book Monkey Butt. If you've not yet had the pleasure, I highly recommend it. It's as thick as any Michener novel. You'll be amazed at how fast you can still read. For you of liberal leanings, don't bother. It'll just ***** you off.
Seems that ***** pisses off the word polilce. Sorry for the indescretion.
Is it true? Not quite sure whether that question is relevant. Damn good story.

Oops! You need to update the bad word checker. Sorry again.
Thanks, yes, I did write it. And it's all true, I swear. Well, maybe some of it...

I wrote it at lunch, after downing a 24 ouncer of Steel Reserve, from the Steel Brewing Company, Ft. Worth, Tx. 8.1% high gravity lager.

.99 cents a can at Ralphs.

Really gets those creative juices (*hic) flowing.
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Did ya notice?

You, me and Capt. mysteriously got moderated downward.

I think our 13 year old friend is off his meds again.
Rick is, for my money, one of the best motorjournalists on the planet.

I think the part in the book your refefencing is when he's buying his first bike, the '56 Triumph.

These things did happen, kind of a recap of all my Recycler stories, over the years.

Oh, and by the way, I bought the Honda.

Thanks for the comparison.
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Re: Did ya notice?

There's really no telling who actually did it.

The old seruzawa would have said that it's a neo-fascist coward trying to shut down the opinions of people he doesn't like.

TheNewConvertedInoffensiveSeruzawa realizes that he deserves to be punished for his failure to be properly sensitive to the feelings of others of all races, creeds and (trans)genders.
Re: Did ya notice?

'Tis better to be moderated downward, than not at all, I say.

Same thing happened to the guy with the Boss Hoss.
If this story had taken place in Kemmerer, Wyoming instead of Sunland I would have sworn that you had been in my wife's Uncle George's garage. The woman would have been drunk and in a nightie, though.
Re: Did ya notice?

Part of the "new tone" no doubt.
Yes, actually there were such animals as these.
Yes, they did make a "Bighorn", refered to as the "Pighorn" by people who had the unfortunate pleasure of owning one.

I do, in fact, exist, Vinnie. But only after having a few beers.

Re: Did ya notice?

Hmmmmmm, that's pretty suspect.

Don't forget to vote today!
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