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I used to be a DirtBike subscriber as a young lad. I remember the musings of Super Hunky. Or, maybe I don't. There was an awful lot of locoweed going around in those days.
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Re: Did ya notice?

The "guy with the Boss Hoss" has reformed after reading seruzawa's heart-rending conversion. Sorry for the BH trolls.

Perhaps we should hire Super Hunky to do a shootout between the Pighorn and a mid-80s YZ-490?
I'd like to see a shoot out between the Suzuki TM400 and its test rider.
Got to see that nut case ride in the Black Water oh so many years ago. I believe he rode a Maico 501 bored out to some hideous size. I think he still writes for some off road Ezine. Lives in Mexico I think.
Yes, indeed. Ol' Super hates YZ490's, and Kawasaki Pighorns (the ill-fated 1972 Champion framed project bike, remember?)

Actually, my '86 YZ490 was a pretty nice playbike. Was reliable as a claw hammer.

But of course, I had to jet it way too rich to keep it from seizing. Carried around pocketfulls of B8ES' all the time. It was hell when a plug went through the washer/dryer combo. The wife would go ape.

It had a license plate too. Airport Yamaha, in Inglewood put the wrong vehicle code on the title, and I got a plate, instead of a green sticker.

I geared it to the moon, put fake lights on it, and drove it on the street, knobbies and all, for about three years. In 1997, a big green Buick centerpunched me, ruined the bike, and my left knee.

They fixed my knee, but the 490's still in the back yard, bent like a banana. I'm thinking of fixing the frame, putting a down-pipe on it, and lowering the suspension. But it's just another project in a long line...

Hey, check this out:
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Re: Not even if I was carrying a .50...

In the middle 70's, Japan was thinking of getting back at the United States for Hiroshima & Nagasaki, by air dropping thousands of new 1971 orange-tanked Suzuki TM-400 Cyclones, on an unsuspecting dirtbike crazed US population.

Everyone would have been tank-slapped or highsided to death.

You really should have known.
After reading that, all I can say is: You poor SOB. Even though you live fairly close, you and I are NEVER going riding together.
Re: Maico Breako

Yes, the fabled Maico 760. Only made a few of 'em.

You can check out that story at Old S. Hunky is still at it.

He lives in Baja, I got to meet him at the Adelanto GP in 2002, really cool guy.

I bought an old CZ 250 a few years back, and as a bonus, got a foot locker full of pristine Dirt Bike Magazines, (some dating back to 1971) thrown in on the deal. I think that was the real reason I bought the CZ.

Those old mags are classics. Most dirt bikes were horrible back then, and DB use to rip them apart. Finally, I think companies like Carabella, AJS, etc. wouldn't give them test bikes anymore, what with all the bad press they got from Dirt Bike. The editors would have to go out and buy one, in order to test it!

Now that's scathing motorjournalism. Something you don't see from with brochure ad copy boys anmore.
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Yes, well danger is my business..
Re: Not even if I was carrying a .50...

Ok you guys, you have to clue some of us young-uns in on what makes this bike "special". Please include any anecdotal stories on how awful it was.
Re: The Suzuki TM-400 Cyclone

It was very fast, kind of heavy, had an erratic powerband, no flywheel, the frame flexed, bad headshake, was cheap to buy ($850.00 new in 1971), and looked just like Roger DeCosters GP bike.

Like so many fish, the public bought them by the boatload. Soon you started seeing things like this in the advertisement section of Cycle News:

"1971 TM400 Cyclone. Like new. Never raced. Injury forces sale $500.00."

A whole aftermarket industry built up around the Cyclone, in some vain attempt to make it rideable. Nothing short of a new frame, shocks, forks, and a 4 pound flywheel worked.

It came in number one, in the "Ten worst Dirt Bikes Ever Made" list.

Punch "Suzuki Cyclone" in your search engine, you'll see...
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I have to agree, used prices are spiralling out of control. Hard to find a decent running bike for under $2K any more. Are people actually buying this junk?

Rick Sieman still writes for

Re: The Suzuki TM-400 Cyclone

Super Hunky also has a few articles about it on
Re: The Suzuki TM-400 Cyclone

Wow, that's really bad!
Jeez, that must have been a fun ride. Those old Suzuki 380's were neat. Kind of looked like a jukebox though....neon green and purple, with chrome doo-dads everywhere. Didn't they have 4 exhaust pipes too?

I once rode from Virginia Beach VA to Washington DC on a CB100. In winter. That was a hoot.

Yes, the oil-pump quit on my 1972 Yamaha 250 Enduro (right before the big GP in Adelanto in Feb.) and did the same thing. Didn't hole a piston, but ruined the bore, and stuck the rings in the grooves. But I fixed it with Scotch-Brite and it's still running, after around 1000 miles (what piston slap?) Shows you how strong those old bikes were.

Now about your Suzuki Savage; I happen to be looking at, right at the moment, a May 1973 edition of Dirt Bike Magazine, that has a shoot-out between the Yamaha and Suzuki 250 enduros.

I can fax a copy to you, if you want. The scanner's busted.

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I remember Super hunky in Dirt Bike too, then I switched to the cool new Motocross Action!

Dirt bikes, weed and Led Zep. are about all I remember of back then.
Hmmmmm, loco weed and a bighorn, those were the days.....
Re: Maico Breako

Thanks for the link. I used to watch Tony D. do some great things on his CZ. Loved the Triumph header pipe cooling fins on the shocks. I hope you ride the ol' zed often.
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