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Disturbing rumbles in the trade..

...seem to characterize this particular corporate entity as manifesting a quasi-corporate raider mentality. They have made several attempts to acquire existing dealerships in the US and Canada which were percieved as ripe for the taking (cash flow problems, etc.), brand line notwithstanding. Some, once acquired, were canalbalized and assets liquidated. Others were consolidated with corporate/franchised outlets.

Thus emboldened, attempts were made to acquire some "manufacturers" (albeit, what I would submit are more accurately defined as "assemblers") through stock/share acquisition (i.e., "Bikers' Dream"). Further rumor holds that a similar move on Confederate Motorcycles (more of a traditional manufacturer - but for engine - rather than an "assembler") was unsuccessful as that company is still privately (and somewhat fiercely)held - and word is that this was most frustrating (for the "raiders") as the real prize would have been the frame and suspension patents. Now, certain V8 powered (US) bike manufacturers are supposedly being courted (stock & distribution rights).

Isn't life interesting...?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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