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Vale to F1?

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Me first!
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OK, maybe Vale is super-human, but I don't see how you can have zero experience in actual F-1 racing and just jump-in and be competitive. I think this is much more of publicity stunt for Ferrari, and my bet is that it will be at Vale's expense.
What poll is that? Anyway, John Surtees has talked to VR and doesn't think he will jump to F1. Hopkins was scheduled to drive a Red Bull F1 car but his broken foot axed that. Looks like F1 with sagging ratings is trying to add some MotoGP luster to the series.
The new poll or "Survey" as it's titled is at the top right-hand side of the News page, just below the Search box.
I agree. Most of the F1 young guns have come up the ranks from euro karting as babies, just as VR came up from tiny bikes as a baby and then through the 125 and 250 classes. I don't think the skills transfer well, though the fire in the belly factor is universal. . .
Yes, a lot of the top motorcycle road racers do really well in auto Grand Prix racing because they don't know how a car should handle. They just go for it on instinct. Nothing to judge by.

For an example back in the golden days of Grand Prix racing there was an Auto-Union driver named Berndt Rosemeyer. He first made his mark on motorcycles, and when he made the transition to cars, was able to master evil handling Auto-Unions and win just about everything. To watch him slide a C-Type around the 'ring produces awe.

I'm sure Rossi can kick some arse as well, 'specially in a Ferrari. You-know-who's replacement someday?

Anyone notice that Michael and Ralf are among the highest paid atheletes in the world? Vale doesn't make that scratch. But he wants too. Not that he's hurting but when Italy comes knocking wouldn't you listen?
Two words

Michael Jordan.

Just cause you are a world class basketball player doesn't mean you can hit a major league curve ball, slider, or fast ball or vice versus...

I think Rossi may be able to do it. But I would think that the guys who have been driving these things since they are little would have a big advantage...

As a biker I would think he definitely has the motor skills to do it.
The fact that you must remember is that being a fan of Ferrari in Italy is like being a member of a cult, except that there are millions of you, and that Valentino Rossi managed to have higher TV ratings than F1 for the *first time ever* this past season. So, if I am Luca di Montezemolo (Fiat boss, ex Ferrari boss, now controls Ferrari through Fiat), I would say: "Hmmm, a car loved by most Italians with a driver loved by most Italians..." Can you say "marketing?" I think Rossi would do OK, but in F1 the car (and the pit stops) is much more important than the driver, in MotoGP, the rider is still a very big chunk of the pie. I think Rossi will go to Ducati one day and make Italians deliriously happy, at least until they realize it really is a nail.
Re: Two words

Schumaker- you know the F1 guy.
Seems plausible. Rossi seems like a guy who needs new worlds to conquer (unlike Matt Mladin, who's hurting both himself and the AMA by not going to WSB).

What's the worst that could happen? He doesn't do so well for a couple of years, then makes a triumphant return to MotoGP.
Re: Two words

Yep you think he could ride a motorcycle like Rossi. Or you think Roger Clements could hit a jump shot like Jordon.. See where I was going dude?
If Rosemayer, Surtees and Hailwood did it, why could Rossi not do it? Sure he can! He already tested a F-1 car and did fair on it on his first try.

Who knows, maybe he will inject some exitement into a series that sure needs it, I mean winning and losing races in the Pits?

Races should be won and lost on the damm race track!
Re: Two words

Who was the guy who has won multiple Rallies Dakar on both cycles and cars? Peterhansel I think --
Rossi has braking and cornering down to an art, once he gets the hang of the F1 he'll go on to be the best their ever was. Nobody has the refinement of this dude and ever will again.
It won't hurt to have the most advanced traction control and brake tech helping him out either.

If he does go, He will be bored with it. The last few F!'s I've (barely) watched were parades. Has anything changed about that?
hell, jeff ward did reasonably well in indy cars and he was a MOTO-CROSS racer. i don't think F1 and Moto-GP are mutually exclusive.

wouldn't it be cool if vale kicked schumacher's arse? heh heh.
can't see the pole, but will say that vr would do fine in f1 and if driving for Ferrari, would probably kick ass.

f1 drivers: normally small in stature, light weight, young, have a set of balls that allow them to do things daily that could kill you instantly and most people would not do because of fear.

He has all of that..he would do fine and probably walk without a limp longer too.
Two other words that are actually relevant

O.K., I'll bite at the troll...

John Surtees.

Don't think of people at this level as "riders" or "drivers": they are "racers" that just happen to ride or drive...

Besides, what more can Vale really accomplish in MotoGP? And what a notch on his coup stick Schumacher would be! What does Ferrari have to lose?
The "Survey" as it is officially titled is on the top, right-hand side of the News page just under "Search."--staff
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