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Vale to F1?

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Me first!
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Rossi has made a few somewhat provacative and contradictory statements regarding F1. He was reported as saying recently that F1 drivers really only have to drive the car up to the starting grid--most everything else is handled by the car, so he' wasn't that interested. But after the most recent test, he certainly didn't shut the door to the possiblity of F1. He said that his number one passion is still riding a motorcycle at the limit but, if that waned, he'd consider racing cars; he admitted he dreamt of becoming an F1 driver as a child.

Seems like he may be looking down the road for a new challenge and, really, who could blame him? How many World Championships can one win without growing a little tired of it?

I, for one, think he could at least be podium material in F1 with a couple of seasons under his belt. Sure, the car guys will have an advantage, but I've got to think that riding today's MotoGP bikes takes more involvement--and perhaps skill--than driving even F1 cars. I'm not as confident that many F1 drivers could make a successful transition to MotoGP.
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1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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