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Valentino Rossi leaves Honda

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Good for you Valentino! It is good to see you take on a challenge. You will need to work with Yamaha to make their bike better so you can win again. If anyone can do it its you. He haas all the money his grandkids will ever need so why not?
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Woulda been nice if Rossi coulda thumbed a ride on Ducati. Talk about the Italian Stallion!

Maybe Colin Edwards can rightfully take his place on the Honda factory team, where he should have been in the first place, had it not been for The Kid (no offense to Nicky).
Next year should be very interesting indeed.
What a shame that we don't get a round of MotoGP here in the good old US of A.

What are we, some kind of pariahs?
I belive a round is scheduled for next year in Alabama.

Quatar get a round next year, we don't.

China is even being added to the schedule the year after.

MotoGP does not want a US round, why is the question. We do have tracks that can handle a Motogp bike, we do have the infrastructure to support a GP race. All I can think, all speculation granted, is if AMAracing pi$sed in Dorna cheerios.
Colin announced he was going over to Movistar a little while back.

Dated 11/2/03

Colin Edwards will return to Honda for the 2004 season after signing a deal with Team Gresini Racing to ride alongside Sete Gibernau under the Telefónica MoviStar colours. The 29 year old Texan, won two World Superbike titles with the Japanese factory in 2000 and 2002, has spent his debut MotoGP season struggling at the back of the field on the Aprilia RS3 but is sure to be a major championship contender on the Honda RC211V which has won the title for the past two seasons at the hands of Valentino Rossi.
What I understood, is that the US circuits that can support the GP circus and have the money to do so, currently don't comply with FIM safety standards. Now I am not an expert, and I have yet to be so lucky to visit one of the tracks in the US (Laguna Seca is one of my favorites), so I don't know how much of that is true.
"...wanting new challenges..."

I hope this won't be like the year Fogarty went to Honda to prove it was him, and not the Ducati, that made him a winner.

I'd like to see Valentino succeed wherever he's going, but hopefully not quite as successful as he's been the last 3 years.
Money, money and more money. Somebody has to front the money like King Kenny Roberts did in the early 90's to bring GP to Laguna Seca.

It's always about the money. Somebody in Qatar is shelling out LOADS of dough to get the GP race there.
Maybe a bit of prestige, too. Anywhere else in the world, they know they will be playing to a packed venue. Here in the states, you would hear all those great noises echoing off the empty seats...
George Barber has a dream and the money. Watch for a round at Barbers track in the next few yrs
I'm still not convinced that Rossi is the best of the current crop. "Best ever" my ass, but if he can be competitive next year on that Yamaha (or any non Honda/Ducati) he'll start to make me believe that he is worthy of mention amoung the greats. He's got some time yet, and he surely has alot of talent. PS I'd bet a dollar that Rossi would say "Ago" was the best ever, yet.
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