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Note that there was nothing wrong with the Yamaha's clutch -- it was just mis-adjusted from the factory. A couple quick turns of the hidden-under-a-rubber-boot adjuster, and it's action was back to normal...
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You guys got it bass-ackwards. A beginner bike should be a good bike to begin on: good enough to learn on, and something you pass on to other beginners when you're ready to trade up. Learn on the Buell Blast, and you've got everything you need, including room to trade up. Begin on the Suzuki, and you're setting yourself up to be disappointed later. You figure you're doing yourself a favor by trading it in and getting a bigger, more powerful bike, and all of a sudden you realize: "What the -- this thing handles like a PIG ON SKATES! Where's the handling? Why is it so tough to steer? Oh, why did I get rid of my sweet little Suzuki for this warthog??"
1 - 1 of 71 Posts
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