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Note that there was nothing wrong with the Yamaha's clutch -- it was just mis-adjusted from the factory. A couple quick turns of the hidden-under-a-rubber-boot adjuster, and it's action was back to normal...
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Re: radials & Yosh

Radial tires of choice are the Michelin Macadam 90X (being phased out and replaced with the 100X). They make all the difference and I recommend to every CB rider not to wait until you wear out the OEM rubber - just spring for the new rubber and it's like a new bike.

The Yosh is loud, but keep it under 3000 rpm (easy to do on a bike with power like the NH) until you are out of your neighborhood - then who cares? It's not as loud as the Kerker or others I've heard on Nighthawks. It all depends on how hard you ride, but it does get a bit noisy at the higher RPMs
1 - 1 of 71 Posts
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