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Note that there was nothing wrong with the Yamaha's clutch -- it was just mis-adjusted from the factory. A couple quick turns of the hidden-under-a-rubber-boot adjuster, and it's action was back to normal...
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Agree on the blast...

After putting ~2k miles on my EX500, I had a chance to test ride a Blast.

It handled wonderfully, the position was comfortable, the ride was smooth once the engine got up to speed, but it was just a hamster-powered charriot. I hit the rev limiter at least 3 times, including in the twisty sections. If it had the engine from an GS500, or, even better, an EX500, (heck, or save weight with the EX250 engine) it would be a wonderful ride. But with that engine, it was just way too underpowered to be considered a real world motorcycle.
1 - 1 of 71 Posts
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