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Value Bike Feedback

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Note that there was nothing wrong with the Yamaha's clutch -- it was just mis-adjusted from the factory. A couple quick turns of the hidden-under-a-rubber-boot adjuster, and it's action was back to normal...
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You guys really missed the boat on this or used the wrong title. A Value Bike Shootout should be cheap bikes. Right at the begining when you limit yourself to $6000, you've made a mistake. Try $4500 or limit the CCs to 600 or 650 but that still doesn't stop price. If this were truely a comparison of value bikes, best bike for the least money, then where is the Ninja 250? $3000 isn't value? Please!

Also, did you happen to notice that your own rankings basically show that if you pay more money you get more? The last place bike was the cheapest and the first place bike was the most expensive! All you really proved was that the Night Hawk is overpriced by a few hundred if it truely finished below the Harley and the V-Star.

Another personal conclusion I came up with is, don't have a taste test between chocolate cake and pizza, which is what you did in escence. There is no comparison between a Harley 883 and a Buell Blast! The Blast should not be in the comparison. The value bike range is $3000 to $4500 maybe. The bikes you really were comparing were in the $4500 to $6000 range and that two might not be a proper range.

If this is the type of articles I can expect in the future you better not try to charge a subscription price or you will go under!
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