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Vancouver Police Target Noisy Bikes.

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From the story:

"I figure I annoy them for maybe 30 seconds in a day. I figure my safety is a little more important than that," he said, explaining that he modified his muffler in January so that drivers would notice him more."

#1 - you have a horn.

#2 - yes, you annoy them for only 30 seconds a day. But in your (unsurprising) narcissism, you fail to realize that every other asshat with loud pipes is also annoying them for "only" 30 seconds a day. It adds up, clowns.
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Another situation where the Harley "look at me" dilettantes are screwing it up for all of us. Loud Pipes Guys like this annoy ME for way more than 30 seconds because they are a threat to MY riding. I despise loud pipes. Get a grip dude, rather get a real motorcycle and push the tractor out into the field. No one is gong to take motorcycling seriously until motorcyclists start acting seriously. Do us all a favor and grow up. (Better yet, stop riding.)

By the way, what real information is there to back up the "Loud pipes save lives" specious argument.

Was he wearing a helmet? It is not possible to know if his pipes were to loud till we know if he was or not
I dislike loud pipes, but as usual the article demonstrates the insincere nature of law enforcement.

"Police say they have ticketed riders who are producing decibel readings as high as 120. They note that's almost as loud as a jackhammer, which produces 130 decibels"

Actually, sound pressure levels needed to produce 130db is more than 400% higher than those required to produce 120db. A 120db SPL is not even close to 130db.

"They note that it takes only 85 decibels to damage hearing."

Many cars have noise levels in excess of 85 db inside when driving, especially when the window are wound down … I guess we better stop riding cars lest we all go deaf.

I guess Canadians will believe anything their government tells them.
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Please! This has nothing to do with what Canadians believe. This is an issue of bad journalism. To get to 140 dB, you would have to be very near to a top fueler launching. In reality, any rider that thinks "loud pipes saves lives", is in la la land and probably wanting to buy a Fish carb for his/her car. In Vancouver, the overwhelming issue for the cops is the fact the the Hell's Angels are the largest organized crime group, and hassling them seems to be some sort of bizarre sport for law enforcement.
Right, because wearing a helmet makes you deaf (covers your ears) as well as blind (obscures peripheral vision), and more susceptible to a broken neck in case of an accident (wearing heavy weight on head).
Oh, please. As opposed to all those Americans who think for themselves. Mission accomplished, right?
"Lord forgive them they know not what they do " kpaul said about Red Staters :) sfcrotty.. bigdx gets all his news from Fox News... He is not dumb just misinformed....
Loud pipes don't save lives, riding skills and situational awareness like riding sober and not exceeding road conditions and skill levels save lives.

Can't we have an oil thread or something? this ***** is getting old..

I'ts sort of interesting that they are assesing points as well as fines, as far as I know having a vehicle out of regulation does not count as a moving violation in the states, similar to a parking ticket. it will of course be used by the insurance companies to levy higher insurance rates, I fail to see how having a loud bike, poor credit rating, being single, a man or a certain age have to do with insurance quotes, but then I am not scalping the good people with a racket as lucrative as insurance either!
"As opposed to all those Americans who think for themselves".

For a Canuck you are quite smart. Let me guess – you’re an immigrant right?
"Lord forgive them they know not what they do"

"See, you need to talk to W after all" Bigdx to a d!ckless wannabe Canadian vintage ricer...

KP gets all his news from the inside of lavatory stalls …

KP isn’t gay, he just happens to be a hermaphrodite …

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Just don't put cards in the spokes when you ride through Vancouver and you should be okay.
Or eat a bunch of beans...
No penis extender is complete without the loud pipes.
Yeah, I wondered about the 85 db number. You are exposed to more than that if you have your stereo going. I don't any of us Morons know the exact difference between 90 and 100, but it is immense.
"Let me guess – you’re an immigrant right?"

Even a blind dog finds a bone some days, I guess.

Yep, emigrated from New England to California.

Note to self: refrain from shooting fish in barrel.

In all fairness, while the loud pipe problem looms large, we've also got a lot d*ckheads on sportbikes doing all sorts of staggeringly dumb things. And it's getting really bad.

Let's not lay every problem at the feet of the Harley/cruiser rider. It's getting to the point where I don't want to be associated with lots of other sportbike riders.

There are plenty of "look at me" sport riders, too.
From the frying pan into the fire.
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