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Vanson Vent Jacket

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Looks like a nice jacket although a little costly. I feel the need to put in a good word for products made by Brosh. I recently picked up a real nice hot weather jacket - cool max fabric, mesh and vents. Has kevlar protection and accepts optional shoulder, arm and back protection. Comfortable and practical. Looks good too. Check out their website -
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Nice Review

I take a XXL please, body building is going to force me into a XXXL soon.
Re: Nice Review

With all of this boasting about body building it sounds like you need an xxxl sized helmet for your head as well. VWW
It's nice to have something new to read about, but what happened to your story on the BMW 1200GS intro Sean? VWW
Re: Nice Review

I think we should arrange for a special steel cage decathlon for KPaul and Buzglyd in which they can compete in MSF scores, bench press, a "Yo Mama's so" insult contest, ...

c'mon fellas, help me flesh out the itinerary here.
Re: Nice Review

It certainly seems as if Mr Kook is "compensating" doesn't it?

Think he wears a really big belt-buckle on his jeans?

Poor Mrs. Paul. Just keep telling her size doesn't matter KP!
Re: Nice Review

Don't forget the 40 yard dash and paychecks.

Why don't you hornswaggle me one of them cool Bates denim jackets and I'll do a product review for you.

Tell 'em if I like it I'll buy it. At a reduced price of course since it will be used.
Re: Nice Review

Hey! The contest hasn't started yet!

Save it for the real thing tiger!
Cool beans, bro. Well written, as always.

But you need to trade that jacket in on a new car. I think that $249 would improve your current situation.


recently I've been contemplating a truck. That car is a vestigial organ from my married years. A truck would make more sense for my present surf & ride lifestyle.

Stay tuned, Rev!
Re: car/truck

That explains everything. You have more self-control than I do. I did a full battery of destructive tests on the 4-wheel reminder of my married years. If felt mighty good to, but it probably says bad things about my id.

I'll be down this weekend. Round up Fonzie and Pete and we'll go get you a truck.
Re: car/truck

You gonna be round the track or MO?
MOeBass MOdeling

Vanson is nothing but top-shelf goods. Highly recommend them. It would sure be nice to have a feMOle MOdeling the Vanson's. MOeBass' mug is getting frightening! He's, run for your life!
Re: car/truck

Up at WSMC but I am up for an evening down in LA. I've already talked with Pete. Grab Fonzie and Buz and let's go.
Re: MOeBass MOdeling

I agree, a nice pair of norks would do nothing but compliment this review. Unless of course they were Sean's!!!

Nice job guys.
Sounds like a great jacket, but exactly how do I find it on the Vanson website? I don't see a jacket named "vent," do you?

Summer gets hot up here in the Pacific NW too, you know!


Vancouver, WA
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Re: Nice Review

I have heard that steroids can make certain male appendages shrink. I guess only the jacket and helmet will need to be xxxl. VWW
Re: Nice Review

We could photoshop you on the wounded Duc looking unmussed and tidy and I'll bet they'd sell like hotcakes for Bates.
I bought one last summer works great. I feel better about the protection offered than the JR Mesh I used before. One major complaint though the cheap-assed plastic zipper. Not sure it will hold together when sliding on the road.
Have they invented the pants that go with it? Guess there's always the mesh speedo.

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