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Vanson Vent Jacket

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Looks like a nice jacket although a little costly. I feel the need to put in a good word for products made by Brosh. I recently picked up a real nice hot weather jacket - cool max fabric, mesh and vents. Has kevlar protection and accepts optional shoulder, arm and back protection. Comfortable and practical. Looks good too. Check out their website -
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Nice Review

I take a XXL please, body building is going to force me into a XXXL soon.
My work is done here.

Ahh the simple satisfaction of knowing I did the job well. i.e. got a rise out of you and Buz Actually it is true about roids. Helmet size is XL just for the record.
What about the Buell? The real story

Is that a Buell in the pictures?? If I was to buy a Buell just speaking hypothetically it would be that color and model. Do you have a "The Real Truth about the Buell Firebolt" story in the works
Don't forget about about longride and seruzawacko

The Intellectual part of the contest:

1. Why Bush's economic policies suck?

2. Where are the WMDs?

3. Why budget deficits are bad?

4. Why dependence on foreign oil is bad?

5. Why is the dollar falling?

The Ethical part of the contest:

1. Why ripping off Sr. citizens via expensive health insurance and products is immoral?

2. Why making up marketing BS about health care products marketed to Srs. is bad?

The Physical Fitness Test:

1. Time in the mile.

2. Bench Press

3. Dips

4. Pull-ups.

5. Situps.

6. 50 mile bicycle race

The Motorcycle Test.

1. MSF Basic test on equally prepared Buell Blasts.

2 Race at Willow Springs or Laguna Seca on the same Buells.

3. New Motorcycle Spec Quiz? i.e. The Burger Barn Magazine Quiz

4. Motorcycle History? Not just Harley longride.

5. Why Harley sucks?

6. Why the Buell Firebolt needs a new engine?
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Seruzawacko strikes agian.

Yes that is why our country has turned into obese illiterates who watch Fox News (The Bush Channel). These same idiots ***** about the high cost of healthcare as they eat themselves into diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. These same idiots ***** about the cost of gas as they drive there SUVs 3 blocks to the grocery store. Yep you are so right Seruzawacko. Physical Fitness is unimportant
Re: Seruzawacko strikes agian.

I am not a liberal. I voted for McCain in the Republican primary in 2000. Bush sucks. He is a big spender with the largest deficits in history. He lied about WMD. Iraq=Vietnam. Bush and Cheney are Chickenhawks.
Re: Don't forget about about longride and seruzawacko

Huh?? "There you go again" Reagan voice
Econ for Dummies

"Someone should tell him that the US economy's impending collapse due to deficits has been predicted to be just around the corner for at least 50 years now. Just like Harley's demise."

I can see that you need another lesson in the proper management of the economy by Professor Bill Clinton. i.e. why deficits matter.

OK give me a few hours and I'll post it. Got to go
Re: Don't forget about about longride and seruzawacko

"By the way seruzawa, thanks for lighting his tampon string, now he'll never shut up." I couldn't have said it better. :)
You might want to find some twisty roads out there so you will know what the rest of us are talking about.
Re: Seruzawacko strikes agian.

But you sure are. he he. Go back to school peebad.
Re: Seruzawacko strikes agian.

NPR what's that? Oh the National Propaganda of Republicans Right Got it. You're such a fibber you never listen to NPR. You listen Rush don't try to fool me. You are a Fox guy. I can tell cause they always preach the Bush Party line. John McCain is such a pain in the ass to you Nazis.
Re: Kerry to select Republican (McCain) as Defense Sec.

McCain is only doing lip service to the Bu****es, so don't take it as supporting Bush cause he doesn't. He has been critical of the GIGANTIC BUSH budget deficits.
KPaul the Great

I am sure this will end up in a Bush campaign ad. Not to put down Bush but any other person would of done the same thing. Bush the man doesn't suck but his policies do. High Budget Deficits and the Iraq war are going to be devastatiing to the US economy. Mark my words. KPaul the Great Motorcycle Prophet has already correctly predicted higher interest rates, a falling dollar, and higer gas prices.

More predictions

This latest jobles recovery will sputter out because of the huge budge deficits i..e higer interest rates and the crowding out of publict debt vs corportate debt. Go back and check the 80s the Regan economic policy was just like this. Boom and then bust. The only way to have sustained economic growth is to do what Clinton did. Balance the budget. Its that simple. I can't understand why folks like you and Serasuwacko don't get it.
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