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Vanson Vent Jacket

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Looks like a nice jacket although a little costly. I feel the need to put in a good word for products made by Brosh. I recently picked up a real nice hot weather jacket - cool max fabric, mesh and vents. Has kevlar protection and accepts optional shoulder, arm and back protection. Comfortable and practical. Looks good too. Check out their website -
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Re: Seruzawacko strikes agian.

If you think that there is any subtantive difference between McCain, Bush, Kerry, or Ted Kennedy as to the direction that any of them are taking our country, then you have taken your eye off of the ball. VWW
Nice review on the Vanson jacket. I have a vented Vanson Cobra and it's top shelf. Pricey, but you get what youpay for. It's a lifetime quality leather. Seru, Buz I'm off for a while on a tour. Gonna go do a little Michigan, Canada, New York shuffle on the Geezer. You guys keep up the good work working over your favorite punching bag till I get back!
Re: Kerry to select Republican (McCain) as Defense Sec.

The mere fact that Kerry is comfortable enough with McCain to consider him for an important cabinet position, and McCain says that he is supporting Bush in this election, ought to be a red flag to anyone with more common sense than a rock just how incestuous this little oligarchy of the republicrat party is.

Save your money, and don't buy that xxxl helmet KP. There is nothing of any value north of your muscular shoulders to protect. VWW
Re: Here it is

Given the fact that she married you, she probably thinks it's supposed to be flattering. VWW
when will you deliver my Buell Mr. Tough guy?
I'll follow you in my truck to pick up all the parts!

Ride fast, take chances. Remember, the most important thing is to get there as quickly as possible regardless of safety.
Re: Seruzawacko strikes agian.

That's because you don't seem to be a d*ck.
Re: Seruzawacko strikes agian.

Actually, I do listen to NPR, too. Some of us like to hear all sides of the story and draw our own conclusions.
Buddy I've got about 75 lbs on you and long curly brown hair, If it's traumatized you want.............

I feel like I just experienced my first web info-mercial. Vanson? You can’t be serious. Vanson just makes fashion squid jackets.
You might want to find some twisty roads out there so you will know what the rest of us are talking about.
Re: Seruzawacko strikes agian.

But you sure are. he he. Go back to school peebad.
Re: Seruzawacko strikes agian.

NPR what's that? Oh the National Propaganda of Republicans Right Got it. You're such a fibber you never listen to NPR. You listen Rush don't try to fool me. You are a Fox guy. I can tell cause they always preach the Bush Party line. John McCain is such a pain in the ass to you Nazis.
Re: Kerry to select Republican (McCain) as Defense Sec.

McCain is only doing lip service to the Bu****es, so don't take it as supporting Bush cause he doesn't. He has been critical of the GIGANTIC BUSH budget deficits.
Re: Kerry to select Republican (McCain) as Defense Sec.

Interesting isn't it, this "McCain Republican" is such a sycophant for the most radical leftist in the Senate, John al-Qaerry?

Everyone who believes that al-Qaerry will ever balance a budget rasie their hand. Everyone who thinks al-Qaerry can successfully prosecute the war against islamo-terrorists raise both hands!

Al-Qaerry will save the world by enlisting the help of the U.N. Yeah, that'll do the trick. Look what a wonderful job the U.N. did in Bosnia, Rwanda, Cambodia.......

Can we restart the election cycle over? Or at least add "none of the above" to the ballot?
Re: Don't forget about about longride and seruzawacko

I don't think anything will do any good. There's no possible hope for people who hate Bush (jerk that he is) worse than Osama bin Laden or Fidel Castro. Such people are simply irretrievably insane.

Then, thinking that the Democrats are any improvement is simply an example of wishful thinking trumping observed reality.
Re: MOeBass MOdeling

What's the matter with you, commenting on the topic at hand. don't you have any political flames to contribute?
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