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Vanson Vent Jacket

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Looks like a nice jacket although a little costly. I feel the need to put in a good word for products made by Brosh. I recently picked up a real nice hot weather jacket - cool max fabric, mesh and vents. Has kevlar protection and accepts optional shoulder, arm and back protection. Comfortable and practical. Looks good too. Check out their website -
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KPaul the Great

I am sure this will end up in a Bush campaign ad. Not to put down Bush but any other person would of done the same thing. Bush the man doesn't suck but his policies do. High Budget Deficits and the Iraq war are going to be devastatiing to the US economy. Mark my words. KPaul the Great Motorcycle Prophet has already correctly predicted higher interest rates, a falling dollar, and higer gas prices.

More predictions

This latest jobles recovery will sputter out because of the huge budge deficits i..e higer interest rates and the crowding out of publict debt vs corportate debt. Go back and check the 80s the Regan economic policy was just like this. Boom and then bust. The only way to have sustained economic growth is to do what Clinton did. Balance the budget. Its that simple. I can't understand why folks like you and Serasuwacko don't get it.
Re: Kerry to select Republican (McCain) as Defense Sec.

Kerry has the same economic advisors as Clinton. These folks get it. You can spend and borrow your way out of trouble. If you will elect Kerry, your grand children have a future. A secure fiscal policy and sane foreign policyl
Re: Here it is

Such anger! Did Mrs. Paul tell you how much she liked my rondell? VWW
Message for longide

Your Vacation assignment from KPaul

1. Find some twisty roads, see what all fuss is about.

2. Watch something other than Fox News

3. Read a newspaper

4. Attend a non Harley motorcycle event.

5. Get some exercise.
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Re: Seruzawacko strikes agian.

Wrong, dummy. I know it's hard for people with such limited intellect to be able understand holding two opposing ideas in their head at the same time without suffering from brain lock.

What you don't seem to get is that many people like me are incredulous of your blind hatred of a single man that clouds your judgment on every issue. I don't mind that you criticize. If you knew me you'd understand that I have my own criticism of the current situation. But I'm troubled that there are a certain people, you included, who are incapable of valid criticism because you are unable to begin to grasp the complexities, subtleties and interconnectivity of many of these issues and their relation to the big picture. Yet it is you and your kind that scream the loudest. You're certainly entitled to in this country. But what you cannot accept is when others exercise their right to disagree with you. Especially when you force your views down other people's throats in inappropriate forums such as this one. You are the worst kind of intellectual leper. You think you know better than the rest of us when it is plainly obvious that you're a slave to your own insecurities and do not have a single idea that you can call your own. Worse, you lack the self-awareness it takes to persuade people to at least to listen to your views. Instead, you badger people with propaganda links that "support" your arguments and immediately begin hurling insults as a pathetic substitute for a well-reasoned rebuttal.

Case in point: You accuse me, and anyone who does not agree with you, of being a Nazi. First, it's plain to see that you obviously have no real understanding of history. You obviously no nothing about Nazism, its origins, its philosophy, or its founders. If you think you're making a valid point by accusing a very large group of mostly upstanding people of being practitioners of genocide, you're sorely mistaken. Secondly, you lack the intelligence to understand that resorting to vicious generalizations about people was one of the Nazi's most effective and widely used tactics. So, unbeknownst to you, you've obliterated your own "argument."

Who's the real "Nazi" here? Who cannot let a day go by without injecting his own bile and, no doubt, personal psychosis, into discussions about MOTORCYCLING? Who are the people who blindly follow the Left's (and when the tables are turned, the Right's) "strategy of the contrary," even when it's plain to see it is unproductive and does not get us any closer to the real truth about serious issues? You are a simple-minded banner waver. You should also know that you are being manipulated. You may not take my word for it, but I do know a little something about political campaigning and strategy. Both parties now formulate positioning strategies that have devolved into merely taking the opposite view of an issue and attacking. The political strategists love suckers like you. You fall for it hook, line and sinker. You practically do their jobs for them. It's the rest of us who take a bit of time to look past sound bites and theatrical staging that they worry about. Come to think of it, you would have made a pretty-decent Nazi, you friggin' sheep.

Most pathetic is that you spew your garbage and insults from behind the veil of the Internet. In fact, you are so outrageously laughable that I half-expect to find out one day that kpaul is actually an elaborate hoax. (If it is, let us all know so we can all have a good laugh.) And I suspect that if you weren't so much fun to poke fun at, MO would have shut you down a long time ago.

I thought we could get along, but apparently you're quite antisocial. I'm no longer interested in getting along with you.

You're a joke.
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Welcome to the club

Now you know why we ignore him. You went through all the same steps I went through with KP and arrived at the same conclusion.

Did you know he's really a 13 year old boy who camps with his momma?
Re: KPaul the Great

Perhaps your massive serotonin deficit lets you see into the future, Great Pumpkin Prophet.
Re: Welcome to the club

I was giving him the benefit of the doubt, but I've always believed that he probably dosen't even own a motorcycle. I'm sure you've all had the same thought. Is it also possible that someone actually married him? And the thought that he may have been successful in reproducing is truly terrifying. God help that poor child (if she really exists).

The sad part is that I HAVE been ignoring him. The "fat, lazy, diabetic, heart disease, etc." comment hit a little to close to home this week. Plus I'm tired of the message board being held hostage by this a**hole. I've got to worry about what I post as to not offend him and set him off? Are you f*cking kidding me?

We're all afraid to set this idiot off? Who cares? He probably sits in his little room sucking his thumb every day trying to figure out how he's going to get more attention! Let him spew all the crap he wants. He'll get plenty of attention but eventually MO will have to shut him down when he clogs up their server. Or better yet, maybe he'll just blow a fuse and have to be readmitted to the looney bin.

If he wants to talk bikes, fine. If he wants to drone on about his distorted world view, let him go jerk off on some more appropriate Web site.

I would even enjoy a little off-topic, non-mc related debate if it weren't with this pathological liar/sociopath. I work with plenty of people, and have plenty of friends, who don't share the same opinions as I do. They don't go hounding me around the office or at home about it, though.

Okay, that's better.

P.S. Here's a thought: Is it possible that kpaul is actually a brilliant marketing ploy created by Sean Alexander as a common enemy to unite all MO subscribers get them to visit the site regularly? Hmm...
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Re: Welcome to the club

You know, I've never seen Sean and KPaul in the same room together..........
Re: Welcome to the club

We could be onto something...big.
Re: Vanson!?

Well, it isn't a Langlitz or a Bates, but I think you're being a tad hard on Vanson. For off-the-rack leather gear, Vanson makes a pretty fair product.
Re: MOeBass MOdeling

I, for one, would rather discuss norks.
Re: Don't forget about about longride and seruzawacko

Actually, the Great Motorcycle Pinhead himself fired the first shot. And I'm in no mood for his psychotic ramblings this week. My apologies to everyone who's had to suffer his lunacy.

(Thanks for stirring vigorously, 'zawa)
Re: Welcome to the club

peebad, I have to tell you something about Buz. Buz is always thinking that anyone that disagrees with him is me. This Sean thing is just an extension of that. In either case, you guys are getting way too serious about Sean er I mean KPaul. It's only a movie er forum. I really don't understand my quotes, urls and factiods (opinions) get you going so much. If you want to debate me fine. But come up with substance not personal attacks.
All those words so little thought

All those words and you haven't said anything.
Re: All those words so little thought

Work on your reading comprehension. Apparently, if it's not a sound bite, you can't grasp its meaning.

Too many words over two syllables?

Or perhaps it's the proper spelling and punctuation that tripped you up.
Re: Welcome to the club

First of all, it wasn't Buz who proposed the kpaul/SA conspiracy theory, It was me. And it was a joke at your expense (as usual). If only it were true that you're just Sean's ficticious creation.

Secondly, it's not your views that disturb me, it's your tactics. You're a hypocrite of the highest order. Personal attacks? Try looking back at your posts. Anyone who doesn't agree with you is classified

as "dummies," "Nazis," "illiterates," and the like. You seem to be the person who takes things a little too seriously. Any dissenting opinion from yours is met with a flood of links and insults. Are you this annoying in person? Do you have any friends who dare to think differently than you?

I don't want to debate you, at least about social or political matters. I come to this site to find information and opinions about motorcycling and be entertained.

By the way, plastering links and sound bites all over the place does not constitute debate. You don't seem to have the insight or attention span to sustain fairly complex rational thought. And with your writing "skills," it's hard to believe that any respectable college or university would dare to give you a degree. Another failure of our educational system.
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Re: Welcome to the club

Oh, and come up with something better than "peebad." That's just weak.
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