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Victory Gets It Right

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$19K?! heh, no thanks.
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Saving your money for the MV AGUSTA F4 1000S? - Fz
Great write up Pete and very nice photos Fonzie. I am not a cruiser fan but I must say I do like the looks of the entire Victory line. I don't know if it is the the Arlen Ness thing or what but Victory bikes look stylish and clean.. If I was going to buy a cruiser, the Hammer S would be something I would look at. Victory bikes have a modern yet classic look i.e. it doesn't look dated or like any Metric cruiser. Victory has done a great job...Wonder if they will ever build a Buell like bike. Sounds like the Victory tranny is much better than HD.
Glad to hear this... I'm not a cruiser guy but I really want to see Victory prosper as a viable American alternative to HD.

Now MO, it's your job to stick the new bars on the old Hammer and tell us if that's really what fixed it ;-)
Well it's an odd way to try to gain market-share at 20 grand.

You've got a brand with very little cache and you price it several thousand dollars above your major competitor?

That being said, I wish Victory the best. I just think it's going to be hard to come up with models that look or feel functionally different because that tall, OHC motor is so hard to style around.

I'll bet if Polaris could go back to the drawing board, they would have gone the pushrod route like Yamaha.
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I'm guessing you didn't start digging in the sofa cushions for loose change to start saving for a down payment?
$2,000 for black paint and a different bend on the handlebars? Why not just buy the standard and replace the bars?

I echo the call to test out the change on the standard model if it's not too hard to do. Not that I'd be buying the bike anyway, just curious.
Gotta agree with you, KPaul. The price is steep, but for a cruiser of this caliber - it actually seems fairly priced. I'd definitely buy this over a Softail or a Dyna Super Glide. Victory's blacked out motor looks really nice in this model and I like the painted parts and color schemes as well. The H-D factory "customs" paint jobs just do absolutely nothing for me - but for 20K, you really get a great cruiser...

Sure - it's heavy and it doesn't have the power and nimbleness of today's sportbikes, but it's a CRUISER.

Good job, Victory!


Because Victory uses a wider angle 50 degrees this allows the cylinders to be longer (strokewise) and fit within the same space i.e. x * cos (Z deg/2) = y

where x is the length of the cylinder and y= height in the frame and Z is the angle.. i.e 50 for victory 45 degrees for HD. e.g. given a cylinder length (strokewise) of 24.5 inches it will have same height in the frame of the HD with a cyliner length of 24 inches..

i.e I think your OHC comment maybe a touch of the mark...
Right... A 20K motorcycle. That money will get me a brand with real yuppie cred, such as BMW, Ducati, Aprilia, and real world performance and handling, weather protection, and some real looks, not some compromised 'power' cruiser all 'dressed' up in black.

That looks just like a whole bunch of other cruisers out there.

And that still can't lean in corners.

Or I can pick up something like a ZX14. And have enough left over for a Husy TE610, or VStrom, or ZX6R.

Heck, it's not even a Harley... :)
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Great looking bike, but priced WAY out of line for the performance you get. I think they are going the way of HD™, trying to get customers based on lifestyle instead of a good performing machine. What's next? Victory underwear and mittens?? Polaris boots??
Well, if you want to spend 20K on a cruiser this is probably a better choice than one of those assembly line "custom" choppers. At least the frame won't spit you off into the weeds and the brakes actually work.

Others could wait a couple of years and pick one up used cheap. Polaris doesn't enjoy much resale value.
doh,mmm yup, we love them there pushrods boy, worked fer my pappy by gum. Pleeeez!

Oh it would be just right if the motor wasnt so ta-aalll. Time marches on even though it leaves some behind....

Flush away your concerns with the knowlege that it is a functionally superior system.

Pretty much what I was thinking. This bike will be an alternative to Big Dog and all those other clone makers, rather than take much of Harley's share of the market. Hell, this thing makes a Harley a smoking bargain. Never thought that would happen in my lifetime.
Hey, you only buy, ride, and test motorcycles. What the hell would you know about any of this stuff, ya knucklehead.
You're right bro, I'm a caveman.

I didn't say functionally superior now did I? It's aesthetically superior.

Have you noticed Yamaha, oops, Star uses pushrods?
The eyes never lie you know? Unless you're drunk.
Don't say clone. The Big Dog guy goes nuts. They've got proprietary brake calipers you know.
Good stuff guys, thanks. Not a bad looking bike in a way but the headlight... Some of the photos stood out above even your usual high standards there Fonzie, loved the chess one.
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