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Victory is Ours!

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yawn. Next!
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The rear is a bit overstyled for my tastes, but I could get used to it. Overall I rather like it.

All I can say is wow! Its about time.

Where is Harley in all this, I would have bought a new V-Rod Touring machine from them instead of my new Gold Wing, but no, they just don't get it.
I never thought it would happen, but I think Victory found a way to make the Rune look pretty.
Kinda makes the Honda Rune look like a moped. All that body work looks expensive. I guess if you dropped it, you could make it into a street fighter. I know there's a motorcycle buried in there somewhere.
It's not your father's Oldsmobile.

More like your father's 1959 Cadillac.
Paging Buck Rogers. Paging Buck Rogers. Your spaceship is ready.
The front is ultra-modern, the back is retro-old. That thing has a personality disorder.

Can you say - failed product?
I wouldn't be so quick with that. After all look at how many of those laughable BMW1200C's got sold. Those things defined ugly.
I'm not exactly sure they sold all that many of those ugly BMW's either. I think the Rune, the Beemer, and this thing are the results of what happens when you stop copying what Harley is doing and actually style something on your own.
Whoa!! Victory has been headed in the right direction with their bike line; but nowww? Certainly the bodywork designers could'nt have hired on from CORBIN. This "thing" is UUGGLYYY!!! All of us old touring "farts" will stand back and shake our heads! While the technology is first rate, the design team dropped the ball. Even Buck Rogers had better taste in design. Sorry Victory, none of this in MY future!

In any case, if I ever want to go to Mars I'll be sure to take a Polaris.
Well, it is "interesting" and not a dab of HD orthodoxy to be seen - except for the low, low seat height, gyno exam table lean back and silly feets forward silliness. Is there a "Ministry of Silly Riding Positions"?

Yes, Buck's ride is here as is Monk Mayfair's - hint - looks good for an ole boy with a 38" sleeve and a 26" inseam.

Looks like Honda's Goldwing sales are in big trouble as Victory uses some serious leverage on the ole synergy.

Sorry to say it but I think Victory "jumped the shark" with this one.

All motorcycles, not just cruisers or tourers, fit very individual tastes and needs and that is why most are "customized", "modified", or "personalized" in some way.

Say what you want about H-D but customers buy them to personalize them. And the fact that Victory has a lot of electronic accessories doesn't fit that need.

These look like factory customs and I don't think they will fit the tastes of enough riders to be a sales success.

I have never seen a Rune on the road and I don't expect to see one of these either.

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The seating position is not made for humans, rather for another primate with short leges and long arms, perhaps a baboon?

Re: WOW!

other than styling,how is this Victory so much better than the HD Ultra Glide.? I too want HD to come out with a water cooled touring machine,but this Victory doesnt fill the void. The Gold Wing and BMM K1200 LT are still the premiere Luxo tourers and this bike is no more a sport cruiser than the E-Glide. Im sure its gonna be a nice bike,but I dont think its way ahead of the EGlide. Victory continues to make bikes that impress me but with looks that dont make me want to buy one.
I have been waiting to get a look at this thing since Victory announced that they were working on a touring model. Thank-you MO, for showing us what you have.

I have a great interest in all motorcycles and particularly Victory as a viable option to HD. I have a 2006 Hammer and have been impressed with the motor, ride, styling and reliability of Victory so far (although, IMO some of their paint schemes could maybe use an update)

On account of my age creeping up on the half century mark I am becoming interested in touring bikes and so will watch closely for more information on the Vision.

On to a different note.

I love all motorcycles. Anything with two wheels and a twisty throttle hits a chord with me. Whether it is a power cruiser or a crotch rocket, a standard style or european bike I think they all deserve an objective perusal regardless of the style of bike that I prefer to ride. So I have to say that comments that dismiss any genre of motorcycle solely on its ability to relate to the writer of those comments kinda pisses me off. If you hate the looks of it then tell us why. If you will never ride one in this lifetime then tell us what you would ride and why. Take a moment to realize that as much as you are passionate about your ride, other riders feel the same way about their rides. Motorcycle design in general has evolved to the point where it is nearly an art form. Love a design or hate it but at least take a moment to appreciate the work that went into producing the bike and make intelligent comments, suggestions and criticism based on more criteria than "sport bike good... tour bike bad" or "Honda good... Harley bad".

Thats my rant


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Damm you Polaris. You have stolen my secret designs to conquer the Earth's motorcycle market! But you've not heard the last of Emperor Ming!
Uh, wow...that thing is FUGLY. Shocking choice, really. The fromnt view isn't too offensive, but my God, what a profile. Thumbs up? Only if he's saying, "Here's to languishing on the sales floor!".
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