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vinyl seat repair

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What do y'all use to repair cracks, small tears, or abrasions on a vinyl motorcycle seat?

My pillion, my passenger seat, was badly scuffed up from some prior owner of my bike apparently dropping it at low speed.
I decided to use "flex seal" spray --an adhesive/ sealng material.

It went on easy enough, and I used several coats, drying for half a day or a full day in between. But this stuff has never dried fully. Or, if it has, it still rubs off and stains clothes and riding gear that touches it.

I would not recommend it for anything that you come in contact with and don't want to have black smudges transfer to. Now I understand that flexseal spray is also available in a clear coat spray with no color. I've never used any of that stuff.

(The black Flex-Seal does seem to put on a waterproof layer, and it may be acceptable for other applications where staining your gloves or your pants isn't an issue.)
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What do y'all use to repair cracks, small tears, or abrasions on a vinyl motorcycle seat?
I don't. Not anymore.
Went through that a few times a LOT of years ago and pretty much nothing works......good.

A new seat or cover is about the only good fix.
Ask around for upholstery shops.
Well, knowing that the only way to fix it right is to have it redone at an upholstery shop ...
(and I live near a lake so there are a number of places that do boat and golf cart vinyl seat recovering)
I decided to try a DIY job first.

Using 2-part epoxy, which comes out gray but I will sand that and re-paint it black to match the undamaged vinyl around it.

I needed to do something ASAP because yesterday and today I took the motorcycle out of town, and the forecast called for rain, and I wasn't sure I would be able to park it out of the elements. Heck, I couldn't be confident that it wouldn't rain while I was riding the bike,
therefore I needed to cover the damaged area of my seat to make it waterproof and NOT let the foam underneath soak up a cup of rainwater.
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