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Virginia House kills bid to relax motorcycle helmet law.

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Wow, first post! It has been awhile.

I live in VA and I am glad the house upheld the helmet law.

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I live in VA as well. There is a lot more impotant stuff that the legislature should be spending time on.
Oops, I spelled "impotent" wrong. LOL.
I took a medical ethics class once taught by a doctor. When she found out I rode, she said "Please, whatever you do, don't wear a helmet."

I asked why?

She responded "If you wear a helmet, you usually end up a vegetable or paralyzed from the neck down. Without a helmet you're usually killed, then we can use your organs."
Then why on any given track day do most folks, including me, who crash simply walk it off and go on about their day.

Many track days, many crashes, no paralysis yet? (knock on wood!)

I've even had a couple of major wipe outs on the street. Same outcome except for the squad ride in one case. (treated and released, sore as heck the next day)

I don't think I'll try it san skid lid.

Physician heal thy self?
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Kudos to the VA Delegates!

I know the Village People crowd are convinced that "skid lids" ruin "the look". But I for one don't want to have to support their widow and children after we eulogize over them.
She taught a medical ethics class!?!?!

She responded "If you wear a helmet, you usually end up a vegetable or paralyzed from the neck down. Without a helmet you're usually killed, then we can use your organs."

Why does she assume she can use our organs?
I don't really disagree with what your saying, but most of the time on public roads when you crash you hit something. A road sign, a tree or guardrail. That usually does the most damage, whereas on the track you have a runoff area to slide or flip into with nothing to suddenly impact against.
Too bad. I've decided that I no longer support helmet laws. I am sick and tired of you, through your government, telling me what I can and cannot do.

I'm for adults making their own decisions. I'm OK with laws saying children should be protected, because Lord knows there are enough incompetent parents, but adults should be able to take risks.

Should bicycle hemlets be required on adults bicyclists? It is the law in parts of Australia. While riding my bicycle this weekend, I had a nice chat with a motorcyclist. He pointed out that motorcyclists put on lots of protective grear, and bicycles live and die by glorified beer coolers. Bicycles go just as fast down twisty hills as many motorcycles do. Heck, my wife has past 2 motorcyclists on decents.

I hear this line about, "I don't want my tax dollars paying for...". Can anyone provide supporting information about how many brain damaged motorcyclists are on government support? I doubt it.

How about a little personal responsibility?

I'm also for mandatory safety training, so you can make an informed decision. AND, I'm a big believer in All the gear, all the time. I never ride with my gear. I just don't want to be told I have to.

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PA. dropped the helmut law, no big deal. I rode without the "hat" for a time.Then I dropped the bike on a freeway. Now I wear the "hat" religiously. Don't worry about the vegetables we can put them in goverment.

I can't figure out why anyone cares what doctors think about anything except medical subjects. On any other matters the opinion of your local auto mechanic is just as important as what some pill-pusher thinks. When the doctors get together and lobby for gun control or seat belts or anything I just yawn.

I guess that that famed medical school arrogance makes them think that they are experts on every subject on earth and that we should care what they think.

(troll off)
U, Glad the government said no, people prolly upheld the damn seatbelt law to...I ride a GSXR 1000 an I wouldn't dream of riding without my helmet that is my adult decison...I don't need the US government to tell me that...I ride full race gear: full leathers, gloves,boots,helmet.

But its not the governments right to tell me I have to...Better yet My Mother was killed in an automotive accident...Guess what....the damn seat belt...the very piece of ***** that the US govenment says we have to wear an its not are right not to, held her into the inpact an KILLED her...that's what the govenment sticking there nose into something does...So while you are so proud of your government an there power...Y dont you just lay down your arms an let them make every discison for you...K!!!
Her in VA, we do have a seat belt law, but it is not a "Primary offense". That is, the police cannot pull you over just because your belt is undone. I don't think many tickets get written for seat belt infractions.
Good on the VA House of Delegates! Maybe they can get right to work on the motorcycle ban law they have been thinking about. Need to save those taxpayers a few more bucks! Get right to it folks!
What a waste of time. Do something about foreign trade or poverty. If people refuse to wear a helmet and get themselves killed, it's gene pool maintenance. This is Amuricah, where we're free to bear arms or arms bears or whatever else we want. Why do we NEED the government to regulate this? Because they're too chickensh!t to tackle anything that really matters. By the way, I'm an "All the gear, all the time" guy. I don't care what anyone else does, it's their decision.
Very true and a good point.

Thinking about it, I've actually dumped twice on the street, and ran into the back of a car once. All happened when I was in my teens.

Stupid luck along with protective gear saved me from the dumps. Stupid luck alone saved me when I hit the car.

The car strike came first. It was 1981 I think? I was on my 750 Kawi at Hampton beach in NH. I was watching the swimwear and not where I was going. KaaaBoom! No real harm was done. The dude I hit actually laughed saying he was distracted by the same thing I was.

My other two street crashes were because of entering corners way too hot. I was really lucky the first time, took a squad ride and was buggered up for most of a summer the second time.(back trouble) I must have learned my lesson because there was no third time.

(except at the track, my poor SV650 has taken a lot of abuse. It amazes me the damn thing still runs. And runs perfectly I might add.)

BTW. I'm fortysomething now, and bought this little 650 just for track use. I had my first track day last spring. I'd never tried it before, it's a blast! I recommend it everyone, my age and older! This could be my version of golf in retirement.

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Then again, we are talking about someone who deals in the public health field every day, sees all those folks without insurance struggle to cope with the costs, and knows precisely what those costs are.

If their advice is based around saving the taxpayer money on a health-related question, I would think they would be a pretty good authority.
The funniest part is that the same percentage of people that struggle with injury costs and don't have insurance mostly drive cars. The AMA did a study on that issue, and found that motorcyclists were no more likely to be a burden on society than any cage driver. Not that any of those facts really matter when considering new laws or anything. So their advice on saving taxpayer money should really be focused on the outrageous cost of health care, if they REALLY want to save some cash. 25 bucks for an asprin is a bit much, dont ya think? Especially since the hospital gets em for nothing.
I think it's time to lobby the Guv to outlaw McDonald's slop burgers and grease noodles. Prolly caused more death than every motorcycle ever made!
As someone who NEVER wore a helmet in my younger years -Better safe than dead!
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