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VTX 1300 test please

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I say yes to a VTX1300 & a VTX1800 review together. The VTX1300 is so much lighter than the VTX1800 that I wouldn't be surpised that it could outperform it. Also, throw the Valkerye in there.l
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I recently rode a VTX 1300 and was impressed with the power. If you want a big rumbling V-Twin, then it's a good buy.

The tranny is like buttah, and I got used to the heel-toe shifter in no time at all. Very nice.

But, compared to your Ninja, the 1300 handles like a beached whale. And the floorboards reduce cornering ability even more. Are you really prepared for that different a ride? You should probably test-ride a few cruisers before you buy one, if you haven't already.

But, if you really have your *****-whipped heart set on a cruiser, take a look at the Kawasaki Mean Streak instead. It has similar power and corners much better. Heck, it even has a tachometer, like a real motorcycle....
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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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