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VW Multivan Can Now Transport Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

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First post. I didn't even read the article, but hey, I got first post.
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I feel sad for VW as they will make a terrible loss on the vans when HD closes its doors by 2016.

I think it is irresponsible of kp not to warn VW execs of HD’s pending demise. A lot of Germans workers are going to lose their jobs as result.
Great opportunity for VW. They can sell a "motorcycle transporter" model. And they can offer an "Official Harley-Davidson Transporter" model for only $3000 more. Simply put an oil pan in the storage area, a rack for duct tape and baling wire nearby and put a couple of decals on the outside (like the Ford F150). Them yups will eat it up!
great idea most harley riders need some type of TRAILER to haul their bikes ,, instead of riding them there
Get a motorcycle that doesn't breakdown and you won't need a $40,000 tow-truck/van.

I just put in an order for two ... but they cost $10k more than the regular "sissy" version.
I'm always looking for a new place to stick my Night Rod.
That's a lot of cash to make a HD go/stop/handle well.

Here fishy, fishy.
Oh, come on Buzz

You've used a VW van before.
You are wrong. Ksquid clearly stated the year would be 20016.
You damn Harley basher! Where do you get off talkin' 'bout da Harley like dat?! A pox on you and your family!

...oddly enough, I think a Harley could actually out handle a minivan. I won't put money on that statement, though.

You mean I was wrong to sell al my HD stock!! :-(
This forum needs more representation from Harley riders. At the end of May I traded in my '05 Boulevard M50 on an '06 Harley Super Glide. Just about a thousand miles on it now without any problems. It's a great bike. The dealer was a pleasure to work with. I couldn't be happier. I'm looking forward to having this bike for a long time. I laugh every time I read one of you guys slamming H-D. It's like gnats on an elephant. H-D has good machines, great history, and success that's the envy of the industry. Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Ducati, Triumph, and others, make good bikes worth riding. As riders of those bikes, you shouldn't have to sideswipe Harley to make yourselves feel good.
Thats just Nasty I hope us use your all weather protection as you never know about them Germans
That street runs both ways I went to a motorcycle shop the other day on my VFR and a guy on a sporster of all things asked if it made me feel manly to ride a rice rocket....all I could do was laugh and call him an idiot
Yup, some people have to put you down to feel good about themselves. Sorry about that.
Re: VW Jap bike hauler

Guaranteed to devalue as fast as the metric bike it hauls. Has automatic mode that steers the van straight to the cycle salvage yard and then auto unloads before steering itself to the nearest auto salvage yard where it self immolates.
öMore Harley guys needed on this thread? Well I am one. I agree they are much more reliable than what their reputation would let you believe. I have had one 3.5 years and not a single reliability issue. I repeat not a single. Some corrosion.

However. 60+ hp on a dyno was on the lame side in -02 and simply does not cut it any more. Check out the XL size cruiser competition today, look at the dyno curves and get that Pee Wee Herman feeling. Join the club.

- cruiz-euro

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