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Wanting a new/used bike...

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My fiance is leaving me, and I have a ring I paid about $6500 for (I went through a friend and got a deal on a stone). It appraised for $10k. I want to trade it for a bike, and understand that I am sure I will probably have to bring some cash to the table.

Is this even a possibility, and if so, where would I start looking?
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Cash is king. Pawn the stone.

You're losing a fiance and gaining a bike...sweet deal.
Bikes are better then women most of the time anyway. Good luck getting a fair price on the rock tho.
My Low Rider outlasted 3 marriages. And a few girlfriends in-between.
Also bikes help to find women, women dont help find bikes
Some do. Mine goes to the IMS with me.
Sell the ring, buy a new bike with the proceeds.

Take a bit of comfort in knowing that, if she hadn't left you before the marriage - there's a better than even chance she'd brought you 50-times the grief after saying "I Do".
Classic,... as women will cloud your mind, riding will clear your mind. It's good for the soul aswell.
pawn ur diamond

get cash for your stone. I'm sure you will be able to get enough money out of it to get a nice bike if that's what ur looking for. what kind of bikes are you into man?
you can go to to pawn the ring. He gives top dollar on gold.
You can go to to pawn the ring. He gives top dollar on gold. Then you can buy the bike.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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