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My wife can handle that for you

However my complaint isn't about the wait as much as it is about their inability to communicate. All my calls and emails go unanswered. F*** them in the future.
Send your name and order number to me and I'll sick my wife on them..:) She loves to do that sort of thing..:wink: She does it for people all the time.. Also it helps me cause all of her negative energy is not directed at me.. ;) She then loves t brag about how what kind of deal she gets:rolleyes: i.e. We got a 19 ft camper trailer for the price of a 16ft cause some guy hit it before took delivery. They wanted us to wait for another one or wait to get it fixed. Wife said no way.. I never hear the end of it...As long as she is doing something productive I'm cool with it.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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