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Christine is the best Gov. we've had in a long time, she's a Democrat but she actually listens to the people, not just the lunatic fringe. She personally helped me out years ago when she worked for the A.G's office so I owe her one anyway but I think she's done a fantastic job during difficult times. She gets my vote everytime. Her, Maria Cantwell and Patty Murry do a great job of reresenting Washington States intrests along with Norm D*cks, that's why the Dems have a stranglehold here and that's why we have a multi-million dollar State budget surplus, they bring home the pork and keep it here instead of stabbing us in the back like that McCain prick.
Can we trade your our dems for yours? Ca Dems only know how to overspend and tax more while protecting us from ourselves.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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