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Water and Wildlife in the Sunshine State

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Actually, south Florida realy is "straight, flat, hot and boring"...and rainy, humid and cluttered.

Lived there for 24 years. Now way will I ever live there again.

Fun article, though! Thanks.
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Oh, and the traffic. Non-stop traffic.

Did I mention the bad drivers?

Tons of them.

Nice article. But not what I'd consider a good touring state.

Excellent article, nice photos...I lived in Ft. Liqourdale for awhile...Don't see Fla as a great place to own a sportsbike but cruisers own the place...Like the West Coast better in terms of climate and politicis. Cuban influence is positive though..Key West is fun...back when I was single :)
Hey I agree with you on something. :)
Sean, did you give him enough money to return or did Paul stay in the Keys and go gay? (Story, Part Two)
If having fun while riding in Florida requires the use of a "big ol' Hog" I may have to pass. As much as I like Florida, if cruisers were the only bikes left, I think I'd just stick with a car.
"Key West is fun...back when I was single"

Yeah, you could guzzle down gallons of ***** each day …

40 Year old virgin

You know how I know you're gay?

You like partying in Key West.
My company has an office located just north of Tampa. I affectionately refer to it as "God's waiting room."

The old folks go out for a walk and take their cars with them.

There is no way on Earth I would ever ride a motorcycle there.
Re: 40 Year old virgin

Have you been there Buz? If so what decade was that?
An appropriate place for a swindling old people from their life savings.. Sure it's supplemental health care insurance.
I've never sold insurance a day in my life but it's fun that you think that.

If not for swindling the Kook family, I might have to downgrade to a Lexus.
Oh that's right you help physicians "work" with health insurance companies.. Sorry I had the wrong angle..
Actually, I haven't taught a practice management seminar in several years and my consulting gig with a hospital chain ended two years ago.

I don't do much in the medical field these days.
Dude, bring your ricer down.

I know of a nice traffic circle just outside Boca Rotan. You'll love it ... and when you get tired of scratching you can go pull wheelies outside the old age home.
Re: 40 Year old virgin

He owns a pekinese, a poodle and a yorkie … partying in Key West is a given.
I know. These days you're selling iceboxes to Eskimos.
Dental Plans
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