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Water and Wildlife in the Sunshine State

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Actually, south Florida realy is "straight, flat, hot and boring"...and rainy, humid and cluttered.

Lived there for 24 years. Now way will I ever live there again.

Fun article, though! Thanks.
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There are some nice places in Florida. I am not a big fan of the Miami area but if you head north instead of south it is much nicer.

Some great rides are up old 27 and the Ocala area.

Come in February :)

Also some really nice dirt roads to explore if you are into Dual-Sports.

Do not expect a bunch of knee scraping canyons here but there is some really pretty country down here if you know where too look.

Re: 40 Year old virgin

Yeah well my poodle owns your ass...
Re: 40 Year old virgin

You’re to dumb to communicate with me … save yourself the embarrassment of trying.
I used to live in Motorcycle Heaven, the Santa Cruz mountains of California, and don't regret my move to the Florida Keys one bit. I ride year round, and working the night shift I get to see the most fabulous sunrises each day on my way home. I don't miss the cold and fog and damp of Northern California. Beyond the weather and motorcycling I like hopping into my skiff and swimming every afternoon in warm clear water.

The old image of Florida as "gods waiting room" ( not exactly an original quotation as its been around for decades) is unfortunately superseded by the arrival of millions of immigrants of all ages and races.

Cagers suck in Florida but they were no great shakes in California. The only place I

found them to be the least bit orderly is Seattle, but I'd rather eat worms than live there.

The Keys are special, the best place to ,live in Florida, and real estate reflects that fact. Personally i'd be just as happy if everyone chose to emigrate to Pennsylvania or Arizona and leave more room down here.

As for the article I enjoyed the wide-eyed wonder of it all, and now perhaps the churlish reader who complained that california stories don't do much for east coasters will be happy. however reading the whinging thus far i'd say fat chance and I'm going back to enjoying the heat humidity bugs and gray haired drivers. Phew!
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Ricer???? My current ride is an 05' 999S Mono. From the looks of your previous posts, it is pretty obvious that while it is unlikely to happen, your I.Q. aspires to some day break out of the double digits. That being the case, I'll just be content to know you are an idiot and not attempt to engage you in an intelligent exchange. I wouldn't want to tax you "Get'r Done" mentality.
I don't think anyone would disagree with what you just wrote, however, this is a motorcycle site and FL is an awful place if you're a motorcycle enthusiast.

Flat and straight gets kind of boring after awhile, doesn't it?
Fla Sux

Spent the first eighteen years of my life in north central Florida. Two of those years a motorcycle was my only form of transportation. Heat. Humidity. Love-bugs. Snakes. Rust. Straight, flat, boring roads. Motorcycle purgatory. The only good thing about the entire state was the scantily clad women. C'mon, Paul, couldn’t you have included some photos from the ****-Fest?
999? I always wondered why somebody would spend so much on a slow sports bike.
Cmon....You guys are full of beans..There is more stuff to do in South Florida than 24/y 365 than most places on earth. ..I have lived in NY for two decades and have owned a house in South Florida for almost a decade. I have ridden more miles on my mountain bike in a few years in Florida than decades in NYC. I have put more miles on my motor sickle than in when I lived in NY....I can Scuba Dive anytime on some of the worlds best reefs....then take my boat down the intra-coastal and check out more hotties per sq foot than Central Pk on any SoFlo beach.... Not to mention South Beach, and the food...uh the food....If you cant find sweet life and culture in are so old world.
They are awfully slow, just ask Troy Bayliss. Anytime you want to race on any of the mountain roads here in Oregon, I'd be happy to put some cash on the outcome. I haven't found a GSXR1000, ZX-10, or even an XB-12 that will keep up with my 999 in the mountains.

I knew my intuition was right on the money about that I.Q. thing.
Amen Bro...As a SoFlo resident and refugee from NY...I am amazed, but happy at the stream of stereotypical horse-manure emanating from former residents or occasional visitors. Hopefully it will stem the stampede of people moving down here....Yes, our roads are flat and true, forget about riding year round, and the several months of heavenly 70 degree weather between November and May. Its all about sweaty humidy and bugs in your teeth... Suffer your long commutes whereever you are, dreaming of summer while gazing fondly on your winterized steeds. Yep Florida is all about Daytona and beer belly dudes on HDs...There is no thriving sport bike scene, no chance to enjoy the sea, Everglades and Keys... and the crazy mashup of Anglo/Caribbean culture that will shape the nation....Yep...we are all little old ladies with blue hair down here. The land of the newly wed and the nearly dead...
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Mmm, I guess your high IQ is what makes you speed on mountain roads ... really smart. Only a genuis would do that, eh Troy?
I never said anything about speeding. So let's see, your an idiot and you jump to conclusions too.
"I never said anything about speeding. So let's see, you[‘]r[e] an idiot and you jump to conclusions too."


"Anytime you want to race on any of the mountain roads here in Oregon, I'd be happy to put some cash on the outcome."

So when I-wannabe-Troy-the-mountain-man races, he never exceeds 55 mph? I guess the S stands for "Sissy" model? Or are 999's simply a lot slower than I thought?

Ps. I see you managed to spell some of the works correctly whilst referring to me as being the idiot. LOL Yeah, you come across as a real genius.
Fl sucks to ride, I think that all year round while I'm riding. There is a disturbing (and I might add suspicious! ) lack of mountain pass roads around. There are some good places to ride to though. Naked bikes are "Cool" in hot climes. If one must visit, please quickly spend all your money and leave, Thank You!
A Battle of Whit

... between two unarmed men.
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