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Well said.

Currently have four horses in the stable. The two that are mine are a Road King and a ST1100 and the two that my wife rides are a V-Star 1100 and a VFR800Fi. (Guess what kind of riding we do?) About the only bike/brand I've ever been loyal to was the one that was a gas to ride, would do what I asked of it and would get home from where ever the he!! it was I ended up. I sold a Valkyrie for the R-K because it was a better bike for ME.

All of the bikes I've owned in my life have had problems. None have been major but I have been DOH three times, twice close to home and once in the middle of the night on the side of I-40 doing a cross-country run. We ride Motorcycles not Volvoes.

I'm a commuter and an LD rider. If anyone feels the real need to b!tch about any particular group lets ALL support and go after those that would have all motorcycles banned from the roadways of America.

"Cages are for HAMSTER!"
1 - 1 of 167 Posts
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